Take better holiday photos

Make your trip one to remember with these photo tips.

Holidays, bloomin’ great aren’t they. These stress-reducing, experience-offering, all too fleeting periods in our lives aren’t just fun, they’re filled with the sort of moments we want to cherish forever. And because, sadly, all holidays must come to an end, that puts a lot of pressure on your photos.

To ensure you’re filled with a warming sense of nostalgia whenever you look back through your travel snaps, these tips will help you capture better holiday photos whether you’re chilling on the beach, strolling through a foreign city or throwing yourself off the side of a mountain.

Stand up to the sun

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. And while that might get you wanting to move your dancing feet it can also cause a few troubles when it comes to capturing vibrant, well-rounded photos. The challenges you face will depend on exactly where the sun is when capturing your shot. Fortunately, thanks to its comprehensive array of features, Halide Camera gives you options no matter what the sun is doing.

As well as offering a bright daylight-specific white balance setting, Halide Camera gives you total control over your settings. So, if you’re shooting into the sun, try swiping up and down the screen to finely adjust the exposure so you get the colours of the sun without losing any detail on your subject. Sun behind you? Manually adjusting the ISO will let you capture a richer, more dramatic shot.

Halide Camera lets you take manual control of everything from white balance to exposure.

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Capture that special moment

Sunsets are a holiday staple. But it can be tricky to do those vivid vistas justice. If your sunset snaps are looking a little flat, lacking the majesty of the real thing, a quick edit in Enlight Photofox can help elevate the vibrancy, bring back the drama and do your memories justice.

In Photofox, after utilising the Transform tools to better level that horizon, tapping into the Adjust menu gives you free range control of everything from your image’s brightness and contrast to shadows and highlights. As well as using the simple sliding scales to perfectly balance your edits, long pressing the image will let you instantly compare your original and edited shots to check your enhanced – rather than strayed from – the truth.

You can straighten your images using Photofox’s Transform tools.

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Create a common look

One of the joys of a holiday is the variety of things you get to see. While this means plenty of great photo opportunities, ensuring your extensive array of images look on point and share a familiar style when it comes to sticking them in your Insta story or commemorative album can be tricky. Enter VSCO.

While the app’s broad array of editable photo filters let you pick a style to enhance your specific shots, if you want something unique – and uniformed – for your latest trip you can create your own. After tweaking everything from contrast to clarity, tone to saturation, you can save you bespoke filter ‘Recipe’ for future use and batch edit your entire holiday album with a couple of taps. That post-holiday comedown can wait a little longer.

Apply a single style to multiple images easily with VSCO.

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