The Talos Principle is a philosophical puzzle

A new indie game that’s a real workout for your brain.

Okay, so suddenly you’re an android dropped into a strange world where futuristic technology sits among crumbling Greek ruins.

A booming, godlike voice from above tasks you with solving increasingly complex puzzles. You obey, of course, but you start to question why you’re there – and, you know, what the bejesus is going on in general. There are odd computer terminals with obtuse AI. There are random glitches that start to feel deliberate.

Go ahead, stop and stare. It’s beautiful.

You’re solving cleverly-constructed spacial conundrums in a handsome, engaging world, and that’s enough for most games. But The Talos Principle is different. Writers Jonas Kyratez and Tom Jubert are both known for creating unconventional narratives, and their work in this game is as weighty and substantial as the puzzles, says Croteam's chief technology officer, Alen Ladavac.

“There is a genuine need for full games with meat on their bones,” he tells us. “The Talos Principle can satisfy that need. It features over 120 puzzles that will keep players glued to the screen for more than 30 hours, exploring the story of humanity, technology and civilisation. Players will uncover clues, devise theories, and contemplate the philosophical nature of their existence – all while looking down at their phone or a tablet, like a regular person.”

That’s quite a thing to dive into on the sofa or on the train. This is one of those games that pulls you in and then, an hour later, you look up and realise it’s way past bedtime or you’ve missed your stop.

With so many clever puzzles to solve, the game pulls you right in.

And let’s not forget, this is a game first designed for PCs and consoles. Croteam has taken great care to retain every last polygon in the move to iOS; the new touchscreen controls work really well, and they’re customisable to your tastes too. It doesn’t matter which device you play on, either.

Croteam’s CTO, Alen Ladavac, is proud of The Talos Principle’s touchscreen controls.

The Talos Principle is an intriguing mix of ideas – a world where ancient ruins meet future tech and logic puzzles meet lofty philosophical musings. And yet it fits together beautifully – an immersive and constantly surprising game awaits those who take up the challenge.

    The Talos Principle