Alphabear: Words Across Time


If you know your way around a thesaurus, you can rescue the entire universe in Alphabear 2. All with the help of a bunch of time-travelling bears.

This wonderful word game’s story mode sends your furry champion off on a grand adventure through time and space, starting with a jaunt through a green grassy parkland before romping through more outlandish areas, like a plank-walking pirate world.

Beans! Earn! Fan! Ref! The more you play, the faster you’ll get at identifying words.

To travel through these lush locations you must use randomised letters to spell out words on a game board. Every word nailed causes your bear to grow, and unused letters eventually turn to stones, blocking your character’s path.

Some maps have short time limits – which is definitely a more thrilling way to play, even if it may sabotage your efforts to look up words online. (It’s okay: we know you weren’t planning to do that… right?)

Brave Knight Bear, cautious Sunflower Bear – they’re all equally adorable.

Passing levels also unlocks new bears that offer special bonuses, like extra time or more points for using certain letters. Since some matches come down to the last second, these advantages prove really handy.

Story mode whisks you from prehistoric times to the age of seafaring scoundrels.

Another neat touch is Alphabear 2’s in-game dictionary, where you can look up definitions for all the words you’ve recently used – especially those weird two-letter ones that help you clinch a match. It’s a simple but effective way to learn new words, or even to get a better grasp on those you already know.

Assuming, that is, you can get the whole space-time continuum mess sorted out.

    Alphabear: Words Across Time