Top in-game events to play right now

Oh, hello waiter! What’s that you bring atop your silver platter? A fresh selection of in-game events, each characterised by its own unique palette of special rewards, unique challenges and exclusive bonuses? How delightful. Best get to sampling these right away!

Play the brand new milestone levels

It’s a big moment for Candy Crush Saga as the 5000th level is added to the game. That’s a lot of candies to crush! To celebrate, over the next few days you’ll be able to play iconic milestone levels from Candy history as well as the new number 5000 itself, with big bonuses to be won regardless of how far you’ve got through the game.

    Candy Crush Saga

    Win levels in match 3 puzzle


Rumble in the jungle

We love Rumble Stars and its zany twist on football, with its over-the-top physics, tactical gameplay and hilarious sound effects (seriously, sound on for this one). Joining the roster of animal athletes this week is the all-new Lovely Shiba whose adorable cuteness can distract the other side while your Striker Tiger gets the goals in.

    Rumble Stars Football

    Real-Time Animal PvP Matches!


Swing into action with Spider-Man

As Peter Parker webs his way back onto the nation’s cinema screens, you can get stuck in right away with a special Spider-Man apperance in MARVEL Puzzle Quest. There’s a new spidey-suit fresh from the movie, along with menacing cameos from classic Spidey rogues like Mysterio and the Sinister Six.

    MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

    Super Fight PvP: Match 3 Games


Having a (Dragon) Ball

It’s the fourth anniversary of DOKKAN BATTLE’s enjoyable over-the-top fights, with plenty of events to celebrate. Working in tandem with players around the world, complete new missions to unlock special characters during this special season.


    Dragon Ball game!


Join the summer shindig

Time for a proper summer party in Two Dots town! Take part in the grand scavenger hunt to unearth hidden objects throughout the game and grab yourself some prizes in the process.

    Two Dots

    A beautiful puzzle adventure