Travel happier without Wi-Fi

Our guide to loading up on entertainment before you go.

Are we there yet? No, we definitely are not – there’s another four and a half hours to go, and that’s if the traffic gods smile down on us. But don’t tell them that.

Before they get fractious, hand over your iPhone or iPad (or both) and keep them content with these kids apps that don’t require Wi-Fi.

Just make sure you download everything you need before you set off for the shimmering paradise that is Southend-on-Sea.

Muddy puddles on tap

Look, we’ve all let out a snort or two during Peppa Pig and it’s totally fine for a 37 year-old to enjoy a kids’ show, okay?

Subscribe to World of Peppa Pig and you can download as many episodes as you please, so you’re covered even without Wi-Fi.

It’s not just all-you-can-watch Peppa episodes – there are games and creative playthings too.

And if you want your little darlings to do something more interactive, there are fun games in the Play and Learn section and artsy tools to tinker with in the Create section.

    World of Peppa Pig

    Kids Learning Games & Videos


Inspire your dinky director

Movie Maker For Kids is the perfect app for your offspring if they’re keen to become the next Spielberg. This is aimed at kids from six to eight years old, and comes from award-winning kids app developer Fox and Sheep, so you’re in good hands.

Select your short film’s characters, props, setting, soundtrack and more before hitting record and moving your cast around. Then you can edit and add special effects, plus opening and closing credits. Action!

    Movie Maker For Kids

    Become a movie star today!


The educational (but fun!) one

For kids up to the age of 11, there’s Highbrow, whose mission it is to make learning fun.

Highbrow can help make learning a laugh, for kids up to 11.

Its feed of over 5,000 carefully curated videos will be tailored to your youngling too, because it is designed to serve up educational content that’s relevant to the age and interests you enter into the app. Clever stuff indeed!


    Safe & Educational Kids Videos


Let them make their own videogames

The Infinite Arcade is an excellent choice if your wee one is into games. A clever set of creative tools encourages them to make up their own characters, settings, storylines and sound effects in whatever genre they please, be it Mario-style platforming or old school pinball.

Save your work and you can go back and play your creation anytime, and even share it with friends, if they too have the app. Genius!

    The Infinite Arcade by Tinybop

    Make & play video games.