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shlomo shemesh

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DGuide application gives independent tour services that suit the need of the traveler without having a physical guide. Tours with the theme of History, Culinary, Religion, Nightlife etc. are set up by local guides through the newest and techy platform available today for tour guides.

between the different touring stations and the app will make sure you won’t miss the most popular sites- in your own pace and without the physical presence of a tour guide.

In every tour station you can enjoy the content of our best tour guides combining audio, text, pictures, video and games for the whole family. You can integrate culinary tasting, attractions and many other things to build the tour the way you like!

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גירסה 1.3.5

Bugs fixed

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4.9 מתוך 5
38 דירוגים

38 דירוגים

Benn_P ,

Absolutely wonderful !!

I moved to Tel Aviv a few months ago without any knowledge about the city.
With Dguide I took a few tours around the main places which helped me a lot to discover and understand better which areas I prefer to eat, go out, shop and stay in general.
The app is super easy to use and for any trouble the support is quick and very costumer oriented !

Nickalls7 ,

Amazing app!

Loved it! Dguide is my new favourite app. Finally a platform in which I can travel on my own pace! Waiting for new tours to come up!

Erantouti ,


Amazing app, allows me to choose and learn about the place I travel in my time and is available whenever I can. Great idea

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