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DPM - Dynamic Parking Management.

Smart dynamic management of a parking lot.

- This application (with a dedicated web interface for a parking lot Manager) allows to control and manage a parking lot in real time.
- The DPM app allows a user to hold/release a parking in a defined parking lot from his iphone.
- The manager get a real-time status of the parking lot. (Status of each parking, available/unavailable parking etc.)
- The manager has full control from a dedicated web interface and all settings can be edited/modified at any time.
- The system creates efficiency and statistical reports per date/parking/user etc.

By using this app you will save time and money, as a result of more efficient management of your parking lot.

מה חדש

גירסה 1.3

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

* Add confirmation to parking unavailable feature

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Amazing App for companies to manage their parking spaces

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