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Do you like regular video chat? Use Laya to express yourself!
The choice of Laya is the perfect choice for making friends. You can always open Laya to meet new friends.This is the perfect companion program for Laya .
Do not worry,Laya is what you need for a high quality, high definition video experience. Laya can be your live video and explore the world. Users can communicate and interact with each other through live video. Laya has a highly secure application with excellent video chat quality, we can guarantee video and audio calls, presence, messaging will give you a good experience. Laya is for you, it will send reminder / memo messages to all users of the system.
Our biggest advantage is that when you open Laya, you can randomly match strangers to chat with you. Laya can make sure that you can be interested in video chat with strangers during the time you use Laya, and gradually become more and more familiar with strangers and become friends with them. Laya’s aim is to let you enter the world through Laya and meet more people, from which you can feel the convenience of our application can bring more exciting to your life!
This is a great thing, you can randomly match strangers from all over the place in Laya. And Laya will guarantee that you will have a very good experience when chatting with newcomers. We strive to make Laya better and better, and when more and more people use Laya, you will match more different strangers.
When you meet someone new on Laya, you can add him/her to your contact list. The second time you want to chat with them, just click on their username to start meeting someone. Please be assured that Laya's software runs behind most firewalls and routers, so you can use it with confidence.
Laya is very friendly and easy to use. Download the app, sign up, create an account and you can make friends with the world!
This is an ideal application. Thank you for using Laya! Laya has been working hard to make this application faster and better than before. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Laya customer service.

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גירסה 1.1.0

Improve user experience and repair crash

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