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Golf Clash

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You’ve teed up the ball. It’s a par four, with just a slight left-to-right breeze to contest with. You pull back your club and… sliced! You let out a flurry of expletives and watch as your rival hits the perfect drive 294 yards down the centre of the fairway.

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to up your Golf Clash skills. How? Not by hacking away at a bunker in frustration-fuelled ‘practice’, but by following these helpful hints and tips.

Make a note of the markers

“Most players don't know there are handy signs on the fairway to tell you where you need to be to bring your wedge into play,” says Alex Rigby, co-founder of Golf Clash developer, Playdemic.

“Look out for a couple of red signs close to the green – they mark out where the wedge can be used from.” Why does this matter? Well, as using your wedge significantly slows the movement on your aiming arc you stand a better chance of chipping in for a low score.

Red markers on the edge of the fairway show where you can use your wedge.

Check out your opponent's form

“Checking out your opponent's win streak is incredibly useful,” Rigby tells us. “If they've won a lot of games on the bounce then stay conservative – don't take risks by trying to pull off that insane ‘Hail Mary’ drive. If their winning streak is zero your opponent may not be playing their best golf, maybe that's the time to put them under a bit more pressure and hit it further, but stay on that fairway.”

To check out your opponent’s full performance profile, simply tap their image in the top corner of the screen.

You can check your opponent’s form in their profile.

Play an intentionally bad shot

Landing a shot in the centre of your aiming arc brings a serious sense of achievement. Occasionally though, it can pay to avoid this perceived perfection and play an intentionally bad shot. Yes, really.

“A Power Hook/Slice, releasing the shot when the needle is at the far left or right of the aiming arc, results in the ball acting like a boomerang, curling so much that it can literally bend around corners on the fairway,” Rigby explains. “The hardest part of this skill is knowing where to aim, as you will need to offset your initial aim by as much as 150 yards to either side of where you want the ball to actually strike the ground! This is possibly the hardest skill in the game, but incredibly powerful if you get it right.”

If you’re smart, you can deliberately slice a shot so that it bends around corners.

Don't keep it in the bag

Your favourite equipment isn’t always best for the job, and knowing when to revert to basics can bring big rewards. “Strong winds can make some holes a lot tougher, so players often switch to a ball with high wind-resistance to even things out. But if you have a strong tailwind (coming from behind you on the tee), switching to a very low wind-resistance ball can really help you get the maximum distance for your drive,” Rigby tells us.

“High power and low wind-resistance stats are the perfect combination for this trick, so it works best with balls like the Berserker. Get it right and your drives could go up to 50% further depending on the wind strength.”

Use the right ball in the right conditions and you can drive it much further.

Scope out hole scores

The further you progress in Golf Clash’s bi-weekly tournaments, the more is at stake. It’s best to play things smart. “In tournaments, do your research on the holes and check out what other players at the top of your bracket are achieving,” Rigby advises.

“You can do this by tapping on their profile picture in the tournament league table – this will show you what scores they got on each hole from each round. Wherever you see an Eagle or better, you know there’s a shot to be made. Tournament play rewards higher risk-taking, where ‘1 vs 1’ does not, but know when to take your chances and when to take a safe Birdie.”

Gauge which holes have Eagle potential by looking at other players’ scorecards.

Follow Rigby’s advice and you could find yourself on course for a new low score or tournament-topping performance. We’ll see you out there.

    Golf Clash

    Quick-fire golf duels