A logic-based puzzle game for explorers and creators.

Thinkrolls: Games for Kids 2-8

1200+ fun learning activities


In this charming puzzle game, little ones improve their logic skills by figuring out how to use contraptions like bursting balloons and jiggly jellies to guide cute critters to safety.

What we love: Thinkrolls is a creative space as well as a playground. Children design their own puzzles by dragging and dropping precoded objects (hatches, bridges, flying bugs). Along the way they’ll learn coding fundamentals such as sequencing, conditional logic and idea visualisation.

Kids hone their reasoning by leveraging acceleration, buoyancy, elasticity, force and gravity.

Quick tip: Play puzzles created by other kids in the Community Puzzles section. It gets updated monthly with new ones from children around the world.

Meet the creator: Avokiddo is an award-winning independent studio specialising in educational apps for children. It was founded by Vagelis Katsantonis, Elpida Voulgari and Dionisis Voulgaris. “Being a small family business allows us to be really close to our kids,” says Voulgari. “All our apps have been developed hand in hand with our kids. It’s always a fun process to brainstorm, design and code along with them.”