Universal - 3 Apps in 1 - one of the most powerful and fully featured unit converter, physical constants and scientific calculator.

High-functioning calculator that can perform algebraic, trigonometric, logarithms, roots, powers, reciprocals, and factorials in addition to general mathematical tasks.

It has lots of extra features including fractions, degrees/minutes/seconds, landscape mode, more than 12-digit display and greater internal precision.

It is extremely handy when it comes to figuring tricky fractions. It can add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions when entered in a traditional numerator/denominator format.

Unit Converter, the best unit converter for your device, easy, simple, all kinds of categories and units. Features fast, calculations, physical constants and unit conversion in a clean interface. Different Categories and Units.

Standard physical constants useful for students and professionals who commonly compute solutions for problems in the physical sciences.

For school or college students tackling advanced math, this is a great tool.

Turn your device into the best scientific calculator with this essential application. Basic, advanced, and graphing modes let you use just what you need, when you need it.

It’s fast and easy to use.

Scientific Calculator Pro Elite includes the following features:

• Fraction calculations and conversion to/from decimal and terms including Pi into alternate representations.

• Performs trigonometric functions, logarithms, roots, powers, reciprocals, and factorials

• Traditional algebraic or RPN operation

• Percentages

• Memories

• Scientific, engineering and fixed-point display modes

• Landscape mode

• More than 12-digit display

• Trig, log, exponents

• Complex numbers

• Unit Converter - Choose from different categories of units:

** Length (Meter, Kilometer, Centimeter, Millimeter, Micrometer, Nanometer, Mile, Yard, Foot, Inch, Light Year)

** Temperature (Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit)

** Area (Square Meter, Square Kilometer, Square Centimeter,….,Hectare,…Acre)

** Volume (Cubic Meter, Cubic Kilometer,….Liter, US Gallon, US Quart,….,Imperial Pint, Imperial Tea Spoon,…Cubic Yard,….)

** Weight (Kilogram, Gram, Milligram, Metric Ton, Long Ton, Short Ton, Pound, Ounce, Carrat, Atomic Mass Unit)

** Time (Second, Millisecond, Microsecond, Nanosecond, Picosecond, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year)

• Standard physical constants useful for students and professionals who commonly compute solutions for problems in the physical sciences.

• All the physical constants values that this reference supplies are represented in scientific notation.

• Many other scientific functions

Best of all, you’ll never lose your scientific calculator when you need it – Scientific Calculator goes where you go.


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Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



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