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- Good news for all of you with iOS 13 devices: the "dark times" are here!
- Our latest update brings you the Dark Mode you have been asking us for. Just turn it on in the app settings.
- As a registered user you have your favourite teams and matches in sync across all of your devices - but that's not the news! The news here is that on iOS 13 devices, you can now sign in via Apple ID. As simple as it gets!

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275 रेटिंग

KBR71 ,

Excellent app

Great app to see all your sports scores in one place and to also choose the specific athletes you want to follow. Another great feature is that it shows the time of the event in your local time zone and not when it is going to happen where the event is being held.

shaz patel ,

Add Apple watch support.

Really great App and quick Notifications.
Would request To add Apple watch support also.

डेवलपर की प्रतिक्रिया ,

Dear Shaz, Sorry but we recently stopped supporting the app for apple watch. Please be assured you will be updated on this if anything changes in the future. Thanks, Vinodh.

vivekaroraz ,

Auto pop up of sports frequently viewed over the others

If only those sports are popped out or put on top the ones viewed, would increase user experience

डेवलपर की प्रतिक्रिया ,

Dear Vivek, We are continuously working on improving the app and will take your feedback into account. Thanks, Vinodh.


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