Journey to the top of the world

Games can show us candy kingdoms and distant planets. But sometimes, the most incredible, awe-inspiring places are right here on earth. In Never Alone, you don’t just brave arctic dangers; you explore a rich culture rarely represented in games.

The story of a young girl and her fox companion is rooted in the traditional lore of the Inupiat, an Alaska Native people from North America. When blizzards ravage Luna’s village, she sets off to find their source. Along the way, she faces threats like a polar bear and a towering Manslayer.

What’s a Manslayer? You’ll find out in the dozens of unlockable video interviews with members of the Inupiat community. Never Alone uses these short, discoverable clips to explain its world, and they’re as compelling as the platforming-style gameplay.

After picking up a bola or meeting spirit helpers, you’ll watch members of the Inupiat community describe the significance of both. Likewise, a video of a local describing how he was stranded on floating ice as a boy gives real resonance to a scene you experience as Luna.

Unlock videos in which Inupiat people discuss everything from drums to clothing to climate change.

Dodging lethal spirits and evading tireless enemies will stress you out in a good way, while being able to switch between Luna and Fox anytime sets up some tricky climbing puzzles.

Whether you’re racing along cliffs or swimming through caves, Never Alone is an adventure that gives voice to a fascinating culture and a riveting story.

    Never Alone: Ki Edition