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Welcome professionals! Myngly is the first networking app where you can discover your connections in real life. Find your people; instantly, in the room and in the future. Expand your network, match and chat because “Myngly always shows up!”

Whether you’re seeking friends, investors, recruiters, mentors or employees, finding and creating new connections IRL has never been easier.

This app is ideal for large conferences or networking mixers, entrepreneurs seeking partners and funding, professionals exploring career changes or job opportunities, building contacts within their industry, people new to a city seeking friends, chatting with like-minded people and anyone who wants to be a part of our high performing community!

For those who have asked themselves, “where is everyone tonight” or “I wish I knew where my people were hanging out,” Myngly has the solution. Through the use of geotagging technology, Myngly takes traditional networking apps to the next level by showing users exactly where their matches are in real-time.

No more questioning where people are or wondering if you might run into someone you’d match with.

Myngly removes the guess work and puts you in the room with the people you’re looking to meet.

Why you’ll love using the Myngly app: 

Find locations with your people IRL. Precise geotagging technology allows you to see exactly where your matches are for instant in-person introductions. Use the filters to enter your criteria and parameters, move around the map, click a pin, and see where everyone is at!

We put you in the same room as your people and provide spatial awareness, so you never miss a connection again due to timing or chance. See who is in the room with you and even who was there after you’ve left.

Find and identify current and future get-togethers with your matches. RSVP, connect, chat and start learning more before about your connections before the in-person meeting.

Businesses and organizations can host and promote events to Myngly users.

Mynglers must have a mutual match to connect and message. Privacy features ensure the safety and privacy of our members

How does it work?
- Create your account with your status (entrepreneur, business owner, executive, freelancer, student, etc.), place of work and professional goals
- Select the fields you’re most interested in (investment, communication, marketing, sales, finance, engineering, etc.)

- Myngly’s filters help you narrow down your options and pinpoint only those of interest
- When you are at a public location with other Mynlgy users, your profiles appear on the map. Users are NEVER individually tracked

- Have a look at your potential matches and for each profile, you have 2 options: yes or no
- When you are interested in the profile, just check yes and start talking with inspiring people
- Then, you can chat, discover your mutual interest and build an empowered and sustainable relationship

- Use Myngly to navigate your connections with confidence
- Prepare before you walk up to a mynglyer; read their profile, interests and what they are looking for
- Introduce yourself, shake hands and find ways to add value to them first!

By using this networking app, we can share ambitions, move and shake, and embark on new beginnings in real life. We are better together!

Myngly is free to download and use. However, we also offer optional subscription packages and single or multiple-use paid services for which no subscription is required.

Your personal data is securely stored on Myngly - be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions:

ما الجديد

الإصدار 1.7.0

- QR Code Functionality: Easily and quickly connect with others using QR codes.
- Expanded Profile Options: You can now select "Other" for Universities, From, and Lives In fields if your desired option isn't listed.
- Profile Completion Reminder: After one day, you'll receive a reminder to complete your profile, helping you earn points and make more connections!

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