Step up your Golf Blitz game

Lower your handicap with these tips.

Golf Blitz

Multiplayer golf battles!


A round of golf can take forever. But a game of Golf Blitz? Minutes, tops. And once you get the hang of its quick pace, wild courses and potent power-ups, this online arcade golfer might become your new favourite way to tee off. Heed these tips and you’re destined for a run at the leaderboard.

Collision detection

“Drive for show. Putt for dough,” the saying goes – and it’s especially true in Golf Blitz. How you deal with other balls on the green can mean the difference between a first-place finish and a frustrating loss.

Golf Blitz’s ball collisions turn the usually tame putting experience into a frantic free-for-all. Stuck behind an opponent? Use the Super Ball power-up to knock them past the hole – perhaps even off the green entirely. Power it precisely and you can hit theirs out of the way and hole out. The Grenade works wonders too. Bombs away!

Sand traps might spell disaster in real golf, but they can be extremely useful in Golf Blitz.

Short stuff

It’s tempting to try to smack the ball straight into the cup. But as in real golf, your ball will roll a fair bit after it is hit, so give yourself some runway and aim short!

And since you can’t hit again until your ball stops moving, use sand traps – which bring your ball to an instant halt – if you need to fire off another shot quickly.

Stick to it

The Sticky Ball adds all sorts of new strategies, especially when you’re playing on one of Blitz’s vertical holes.

Did you know you can stick to the level border? Forget following the course: when you’re on the tee, hold still for a few extra seconds to gain some elixir, then choose the Sticky Ball and aim for the side of the course for an awesome shortcut. You can often bypass half the level with this trick, though it won’t work on every hole. Experiment!

Should you boost power or speed up your ball? Each stat is important.

Keep it cool

Your golfer gains experience when you unlock skins, hats and power-ups. Each level-up puts points into four stats: Speed, Accuracy, Power and Cool Down. Which stats should you focus on? There’s no right answer, but Cool Down is a good early investment.

While it might not seem as helpful as increased accuracy or greater power, shortening your cool-down timer lets you swing more often than your opponent. Every second counts!

    Golf Blitz

    Multiplayer golf battles!