"2Do adapts to my needs, not the other way around. 2Do gets me."- Macstories

2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks. With its extremely simple-to-use interface and a comprehensive and flexible set of powerful features, it lets you focus on what's most important to you: your life. There is no wrong way of using 2Do, and unlike other to-do apps, it won't force you in adhering to a particular task management methodology.

• Macstories: App of the Year 2015
• Apple - App of the week, June 2015
• Apple - Mac App Store “Best of 2013”
• “Best App Ever Awards” Winner
• Cult Of Mac - 5/5
• Gizmodo "Best app for forgetful people" - Gold Medal

Email to 2Do: Optional plugin that allows you to integrate your email address directly with 2Do, thus allowing you to email yourself tasks from anywhere. You can even use automation, such as IFTTT, to add reminders to your list.

SYNC [PRO - Try for 21 days]
• Stay in sync using one of the following: Dropbox, Reminders (CalDAV), Toodledo, Fruux (CalDAV), Calendar Server (CalDAV), ownCloud (CalDAV), SabreDAV (CalDAV) or a 3rd party CalDAV Server of choice.
• Using Reminders CalDAV sync enables Siri
• Periodic automatic backups are created for you (compatible with 2Do for Mac) for a rainy day.
• Automatic Push sync between devices

• Create simple tasks, or checklists and projects with sub-tasks. Tasks can have notes, attachments and multiple alarms.
• Set any task to repeat using a flexible set of options.
• Assign multiple alerts / reminders

• Set a lock to the whole app or individual lists

• In addition to built-in Focus lists that allow you to conveniently view upcoming, starred or scheduled tasks, you can create multiple lists to manage and organize your tasks.
• Built-in support for GTD Inbox
• Smart lists let you harness the true potential of 2Do using a number of search options, filters and search pre-sets. Using Smart Lists, you can create custom views of your tasks and use them to focus-in or find frequently managed tasks. 

• Control the amount of information you wish to see with a simple pinch-to-zoom gesture, from single line titles to multiple lines of titles, notes and tags.

• Drag & Drop support to move tasks between lists or drop on calendar to defer
• Batch tagging, starring, marking tasks done and more
• Task Sharing via AirDrop, iMessage and Email

• With focus on switching between editors effortlessly using a single tap only, you’ll save dozens of taps and swipes when editing your tasks.
• Save your thoughts as they come to you, by using Quick Add (Tap-hold on [+])
• X-callback-url support

• Manage tags from a dedicated Tags Panel
• Organize your tags within groups
• Leverage the powerful integration of Tags & Smart Lists to filter on frequently managed tasks.

• Find Used vs. Unused tags

• Set a Start Date to hide tasks from a list before they're relevant and add Duration to put an estimate on the amount of time you’ll be spending on your task
• Add an action to call, write an email or trigger a URL Scheme right from 2Do
• Attach an image or a voice note to your tasks
• Customizations for time management
• Use as an events / party planner, or an effective birthday reminder
• Desktop-class Task Manager

ALERTS [PRO - Try for 21 days]
• Attach multiple alerts to each task
• Attach locations to tasks and get nearby alerts as you approach assigned locations

• Everything from Tasks to Calendar Events - all managed from the same screen.
• Manage calendar events and schedules
• Split-screen support
• Keyboard shortcuts

• TextExpander support

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Versione 3.35

* Ongoing stability improvements

Want to learn more about the upcoming major update? Checkout our blog:

Keep an eye out for announcements about new features and improvements on the blog or on twitter: @2DoApp.

* Workaround for Siri not recognizing "to do" or "2Do". You can now refer to 2Do as "Daily", e.g. "Using my Daily app, remind me to drop my clothes at the dryers".
* Automatic detection and handling of Reminders migrations of CalDAV data
* NEW: Siri Shortcuts support. You can add a shortcut for any list / smart list as well. Shortcut button added to list options sheet as well as search options.
* NEW: Drag and drop support for iPads. You can now drag text, images or PDFs from other apps into 2Do. Dragging emails will also create a link back to the email.
* NEW: Apple Watch series 4 compatibility related improvements
* NEW: URL Handler improved. 2Do now allows you to use clipboard contents for titles / notes / tags etc, in addition for a number of new properties.
* NEW: Long-tap on the yellow notes preview in Task Editor now allows you to quickly open embedded URLs
* NEW: Siri Shortcut for creating a New High Priority task
* Improved custom CalDAV support for NextCloud and others
* Improved support for ownCloud CalDAV servers
* Turning Focus filter on / off now updates the list counts and the app's badge count (like once before)
* Improvements to grouping by dates when sorting by modification / creation dates
* Improvements to background execution, including updates to alarms when recently synced / modified by other devices
* Completion dates in the Done list now show the year where it's different from the current year
* App launch performance improvements

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.4 su 5
150 valutazioni

150 valutazioni

Hiram2 ,

La Migliore.

Né ho provate varie di app per la gestione dei promemoria, questa è la migliore, la più completa i assoluto. Mi piacerebbe avesse suoni di avviso migliori, un po' più lunghi ma soprattutto che avesse un "auto-snooze" ovvero che il suono di avviso si ripetesse ad intervalli di un minuto ,ad esempio, fino a che non facciamo qualcosa ovvero la consideriamo completate, la posticipiamo. Credo che gli manchi questa possibilità che ad esempio l'app Due prevede. Inoltre sarebbe utile che la parte del calendario permettesse vedere non solo il giorno corrente ed i futuri , ma anche i Passati.

Happycow ,

Non la cambierei per nessun’altra

Dopo anni di utilizzo massivo di app per la gestione delle attività ho scoperto 2Do. Non scendo nel dettaglio delle migliorie che ognuno di noi vorrebbe per le proprie specifiche esigenze -ad esempio mi piacerebbe poter assegnare un tempo alle attività per capire se quanto programmato è fattibile in un certo lasso di tempo-. Trovo questa app in assoluto la migliore tra quelle che ho provato. Velocissima, completa, naturale nell’uso, ben sincronizzata tra device (un po’ lento il synchro, ma poco male), ha le funzioni dove te le aspetteresti. Ne ha anche molte da scoprire, man mano che la uso mi accorgo di poter fare cose diverse o di poter eseguire delle query utilissime, e di poterle programmare così da usarle anche in seguito. L’ho consigliata ad alcuni colleghi e amici, anche a quelli scettici... la stanno usando tutti.

nhfhuc ,


Ho testato almeno un centinaio di app per prendere note e segnare gli appuntamenti, questa risulta essere la migliore nel suo genere. Permette di segnare qualunque tipo di appunto o impegno, permettendoci ci usare anche i colori per differenziare le liste delle attività (fa usare non un limitato numero di colori ma tutti, cosa non scontata, che molte app non permettono e di cui io avevo assolutamente bisogno), e come non citare la funzione che permette di ripetere le attività in automatico, potendo personalizzare se ripeterle più volte o in quali giorni della settimana, al mese o all’anno. È davvero FANTASTICA.

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