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Move into an era free from borders and fossil fuels with the Aerocene App. Float towards an ethical re-alliance with the environment, the planet and the cosmic/web of life, emerging beyond Anthropocentrism.

Virtual Flights enable participants to use the app as a navigational tool -planning journeys in the Aerocene era. Floating with virtual aerosolar sculptures, the flight trajectory is composed via real-time information from 16-day forecasts of wind speeds at different altitudes. A digital gallery of Aeroglyphs -signatures in the air- chart the trajectories of the 7976 (and counting) virtual flights that have taken place so far on the Aerocene App.

Augmented Reality flights offer a renewed way to sense the air, inviting the user to live an immersive experience by visualizing the invisible drawing made by an aero solar sculpture as it flies. You can visit a real location where a flight happened to see an augmented reality Aeroglyph sculpture formed by a site-specific trajectory made with the Aerocene Backpack, or you can transpose a flight to a site of your own choosing. Share the beautiful images created with your friends!

Real Flights are recorded via an interactive global archive. The Aerocene community, founded by artist Tomás Saraceno in 2015, has launched numerous aerosolar sculptures lifted only by the sun and the air, carried only by the wind. Through the Aerocene app engage with the over 103 tethered, 16 free and 8 human Aerocene flights that have floated in more than 43 different countries.

Proposed by Aerocene community founder and member Tomás Saraceno, the Aerocene app emerged in 2012 as a result of his Visiting Artist residency at the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST).
Made in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of scientists from the institution's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), the Aerocene app is an ever-evolving artwork and continues to be developed by the Aerocene Foundation in collaboration with Studio Tomás Saraceno.


Versione 1.1.5

This new update brings general improvements to how the Aerocene App works.
We fixed the QR code that directs to the App, and improved the text results at the end of the Virtual Flights experience.
Move into a new era, emerging beyond Anthropocentrism, free from borders and fossil fuels, with the Aerocene App.

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