Live a healthier, more active life with Aidlab™, the world's leading app for tracking all-day activity. Use the app on its own to track basic activity on your phone, or connect with compatible Aidlab Chest Strap, to track various parameters such as workout performance or sleep quality.


• All-day Activity Tracking. Aidlab app recognizes places and records your data to illustrate an accurate portrait of your activity.

• Storyline. Visualize your day in an easy-to-read timeline. See how you spend time and make adjustments to fit your constantly changing and busy life.

• Smart Notifications. Our brand new feature will keep you aware and motivated.

• Health & Wellness Monitoring (requires compatible Aidlab Chest Strap). Track your Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Breathing Pattern, Respiration Rate or Skin Temperature and build an exact picture of yourself.

• Bodyweight Workout Tracking (requires compatible Aidlab Chest Strap). Aidlab Chest Strap understands very different exercises such as: hops when hanging out in the park, strolling along the beach, doing push-ups at an outdoor gym, burpees, rope jumps, or climbing an observation deck. The variety of exercises analyzed by Aidlab Chest Strap is growing consistently, so it will be learning more about your movements when you train using it.


Aidlab app is compatible with Aidlab Chest Strap, the most advanced wearable technology platform for monitoring your health and activity. Regardless whether you’re an amateur health enthusiast or a professional athlete, Aidlab Chest Strap lets you draw an accurate view of your body’s condition. Synchronize Aidlab Chest Strap with the app to simply stay healthy or to improve your athletic performance. Learn more at


Aidlab app uses Apple’s Health app to count steps, stairs and track distance. You can use those data to find a correlation between your health and physical activity. Aidlab would also ask for permission to save medical data so that you could share your measurements with your doctor.


Your feedback is important to us. We value and appreciate your compliments, suggestions or complaints in order to improve our services and the way we communicate. Feel free to leave us a message at


We do not store nor send your location and motion data on external servers.


Versione 2.2.25

- Improved UI performance.

Privacy dell’app

Insalgo Sp. z o.o., lo sviluppatore, ha indicato che le procedure sulla tutela della privacy dell’app possono includere il trattamento dei dati come descritto di seguito. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Dati collegati a te

I seguenti dati possono essere raccolti e collegati alla tua identità:

  • Salute e fitness
  • Posizione
  • Informazioni di contatto
  • Informazioni sensibili

Dati non collegati a te

I seguenti dati possono essere raccolti ma non vengono collegati alla tua identità:

  • Diagnosi

Le procedure per la tutela della privacy possono variare, per esempio, in base alle funzioni che usi o alla tua età. Ulteriori informazioni


  • “In famiglia”

    Se “In famiglia” è stato attivato, fino a sei membri della famiglia potranno usare l’app.

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