* Top Kids Apps: “an amazing app for children ages 3-6 that succeeds to explain a set of six simple rules you should follow when using the tablet through fun and engaging educational mini-games”
* AppsPlayground: We like the idea behind this app, which has been put together to help parents teach kids how to treat their device with the respect and care it needs, via a series of games and activities.

“Don’t do this, don’t do that”, “careful, “no”, “that’s enough”…it’s not always easy setting down the rules with one’s children, especially when it comes to moderating the use of a tool as fun and interactive as the tablet!
That’s why we’ve decided to help parents like us, faced with this new screen, to put into place a few basic rules concerning the family tablet or smartphone borrowed from mum or dad.

Taking our cue from a post on our blog in 2011, we’ve identified five important rules:
-having clean hands
-being comfortably seated in a calm place
- not staying in front of the screen for too long
-not putting the volume up too high
-and not getting out of the app, meaning not using the internet or browsing the App Store

Finally, we’re also leaving open the possibility for the child and his or her parents to define a sixth rule through a coloring page, which we hope to complete in the months to come with the suggestions from other users.

We had wanted to keep the fun format of the tablet and its apps. We weren’t even going to bring up the subject of “rules”…on the contrary, we’ve matched each of them to a familiar animal (a bird with dirty claws, a snail with a fragile shell, a rabbit that’s running late, squawking baby birds, a little fish lost in a labyrinth that would like to find its friends…) and conceived little games to help parents bring up a conversation with their children.

Everything is implicit! The only instruction is that of the game itself, for example “help the rabbit eat as many carrots as quickly as possible”. Finally, for each of the games, we’ve come up with a little text to give details about the lives of animals, explain and match the rule to the animal; and, as a consequence, to spark off some reflection about what the child can or cannot do with the tablet.

As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the "KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE" best practices for kids’ apps
We respect and value your privacy and that of your children. This app contains NO ads, in-app purchases, push notifications, tracking, or any data collection whatsoever. Links to external websites can be found in a protected section.
Please check our website for additional information.

Devi Mallal, an Australian artist, works for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and spends part of her family time in Belgium. She recently took part to the Australian Biennale of Sydney.

We publish high quality multilingual applications and e-books targeted at the youngest readers. More than just books – shared memories! is a trademark of the Belgian group Des Carabistouilles SPRL.

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