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Automatically keep track of the places you visit, how you got there, and what you did while you were there. With a learning engine that gets smarter and more accurate the more you use it.


- The highest accuracy cycling detection available!
- Automatic running and cycling recording - no start button required!
- Automatic recording of places you visit, with analytics and statistics that evolve over time
- Automatic detection and recording of walking, running, cycling, driving, train, tram, bus, airplane, motorcycle, boat, skiing, snowboarding, wheelchair, and many more
- A learning engine that makes it possible to achieve increasingly accurate and detailed recordings of visits and trips, personalised specifically for you
- A searchable memory of your life's travels, searchable by places names, locations, activities, and more
- Export individual trips, or entire days, weeks, months, or years to standard GPX format files, for analysis and visualisation in hundreds of third party services and apps


- Collates place statistics, average visit durations, average calories burned, heart rate, and more
- Compare individual visit statistics to your averages
- Collates workout sessions and sleep times for each visit
- Altitude graphs for visualising mountain hikes, airplane flights, etc
- Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activity summaries, showing duration, distance, calories burned, and much more, for every activity type
- Automated daily and monthly exports in GPX format or full detail JSON files
- Save walking, running, and cycling workouts to Apple Health
- Moves app data importer


Collection of Health data such as calories burned and heart rate requires an Apple Watch or other Apple Health connected device.


Arc is only awake and using GPS when you are active and moving. For the rest of the day Arc stays in a low power sleep mode, with GPS turned off, to conserve battery.

On a typical day of two to three hours of travel a single full battery charge should last from morning to evening without requiring extra recharging during the day. However longer trips (for example a long hike or cross country drive) may consume more than expected battery, due to Arc needing to be awake and recording, with GPS activated, for the duration of the trip.

For longer trips, I recommend plugging your phone into a car charger or battery pack, to avoid unpleasant battery surprises.


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Versione 3.4.4

- Major UI performance improvements!
- Fixed some time/duration formatting on chart/histogram views
- More prep work for the new backups system

Valutazioni e recensioni

3.9 su 5
14 valutazioni

14 valutazioni

VinzR87 ,

Luoghi spariti

Con l'ultimo aggiornamento sono spariti tutti i luoghi precedentemente visitati. Compresi quelli importati da Moves.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

I just wanted to put a note here that we got in contact over email and managed to get the issue resolved. Yay! 😄🎉 Vincenzo, if I'm wrong on the details there, or if the problem has come back, definitely let me know! Thanks again for your help 😄

EcstaticaX ,

La peggior applicazione se pensavate di sostituire Moves

Costa una fortuna, è lenta da paura, nonostante la tenga da una vita (e per almeno un anno abbia corretto manualmente ogni località rilevata erroneamente), continua a darmi il 5% di affidabilità. La batteria consuma un disastro. Credo una delle peggiori app di sempre nell’app store.

Ps: come si può leggere dalla risposta sgarbata ed isterica dello sviluppatore, è palese che usi questa applicazione per approfittarsi dei poveri utenti che sono disposti a pagare centinaia di euro per usufruire di una applicazione lenta e malfunzionante. Da non utilizzare assolutamente. Meriterebbe 0 stelle ma posso solo darne una.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,


Your review is 100% false information. I'd describe it more accurately, but the necessary words wouldn't pass Apple's moderation.

1) Arc is cheap, compared to current competitors. And also cheap compared to old Moves, given that Moves required you to give over your entire life's movements to Facebook, which we now know was a very bad thing to do.

2) Arc is not slow. If you are experiencing slowness, you should have contacted me via Customer Support. However given your review, there will be no support for you, and your only recourse is to delete the app and move on, given that you are no longer welcome.

3) Arc's accuracy for activity type detection is 85% globally, with accuracy over 95% in some regions. For place detection, detection of previously visited places is typically over 95% accurate.

4) Arc can continuously record on a single battery charge for two days on normal sized phones and 3-4 days on large sized phones. Arc is even more energy efficient than competing apps that record lower quality and less detailed data.

Now please, delete my app, and go away, and never come back. And by "go away" I mean something much less polite.

Mikygtffy ,

Very precise location wise. A basic app that works!

The app is basic. Not many things you can do. But it is very precise in tracking you. Definitely worth trying.

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