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There are thousands of savings app out there; you may have tried many yourself. Problem is they don't work well. You use them for a few days, weeks or even months and then stop.

Our app is focused like a laser on getting you hooked to saving. Drawing from other areas of habit formation (like losing weight, combating addictions, or excelling in sports), our app brings together simplicity of setting and tracking savings goals, a community that challenges and inspires, and celebrations that provide accolades on goal achievement!


Using our app is super simple. You should be up and running with your first savings goal in under a minute after installing the app.

First, set your savings goal (amount and target date). Small amounts and duration are recommended initially. Why small? Think of these initial goals as "warm up" or "practice" goals. Get into the habit of meeting the goals you set, get familiar with our app and how to use it. Once you meet your initial goals, you will see that you don't want to let go of "hot streak" you are on! Then, you can slowly raise the savings goal difficulty.

Second, check-in with our app each day (or, more often) to report on your progress towards the goal. Anytime, you decide to defer or forego an expenditure, record the savings as progress towards this goal! We will send you a helpful notification to your phone each morning reminding you of where you stand with your savings goal.

Third, when you meet the savings goal, we celebrate with you! We also show you who the top savers are on the leader board - as an incentive for you to continue to save and perhaps aspire to do better in the future! You can, at your option, share your goal success with your friends on Facebook. This will energize you and also excite your friends into saving more as well!


As you save, our app computes your "streak" (number of consecutive goals met) and other interesting stats. Keep your eye on these stats to make sure that you maintain your position and perhaps even advance on those ahead of you!

Don't worry - our app is smart enough to ensure that the leader board does not get dominated by wealthy savers. Instead, if you save diligently and keep meeting the goals you set, and slowly raise the savings goal difficulty, you will see yourself slowly advance on the leader board!

Lastly, do remember that once you have recorded savings in our app, you should log in to your bank account and move the money saved to your retirement account or to your savings account - somewhere where you cannot spend it easily! This is super important as well to make sure that you are truly growing your savings and setting yourself up for a more prosperous tomorrow!

So come join us - don't just set savings goals. Get into the habit of meeting them.

Save today. Prosper tomorrow.


Versione 1.1

Invite friends and fellow savers via email and Facebook
Share goal success with friends on Facebook
View details of the top savers on the leader board
Several bug fixes and other small improvements to improve user experience


Arnexa Inc.
49.3 MB

Richiede iOS 10.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.





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