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Autm India , we are lifestyle enthusiasts who want to bring the daily challenges of dressing up and the solutions to those challenges out to the users.

One of those challenges being “how to dress up in the best way possible for the right occasion from your own wardrobe”.

We thought there would be so many like us who want to look as cool as a fashionista but face the problem of not being able to make a complete look out of their existing wardrobe.
So here is “Autm India” , an app, which will help you create a look for a specific occasion out of your wardrobe with the help of our professional stylists. We have got you guys all covered.

This application will become your virtual wardrobe helping you with styling your clothes at the ease of your fingertips. You can add as many clothes/accessories as you want by using three convenient methods;
• Merely click a picture of your item
• If you have any pictures in your gallery, collectively add more than one and as many as you want
• Search on web and then add from there

Once the clothes/accessories become a part of your virtual wardrobe then all you need is to ask us for a look depending on your event. Once our stylists recommend a look for you, you can rate the look from one star to five star depending upon your liking so that we can also understand you better.

If you decide to wear the look then all you need to do is press the wear it button so that the calendar in the application will remember for you which look you had worn & when. This will help you not to repeat your look.

Essentially, it is an automated transformation mode.
Your clothes , Our expertise.
Many more features waiting for you, all you need to do is press the download button and let us show you a the power of a virtual wardrobe.

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