Horses are more than a pet and more than a hobby. Horses are a lifestyle. BarnManager supports trainers, students, parents, barn owners, horse owners, riders, grooms, vets, farriers and more to manage all of the moving pieces and people that are a critical part of keeping your horses happy and healthy and running your business efficiently and professionally. BarnManager is a tool that supports traditional horsemanship and enables you to spend more time doing what you love, working with horses.

Convert your binders quickly and easily. Use your mobile device to snap pictures of your handwritten or printed notes, whiteboards, etc. Then upload these images, attach Horses, People and Keywords and easily search for these records using site wide search.

Horse profiles provide a place to store all of the important information, documents, health and farrier records, and communications about your horses.

Our Calendar can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly, or annually to enable short term planning, such as lesson scheduling, and long term schedules such as competition planning.

Create table lists and check lists for everything and anything. Make feed lists, packing lists, temperature charts and anything else that you can imagine.

Permission levels allow you to limit access to specific horses for owner or employee users.

Use the digital whiteboard to take the barn aisle with you. How often are you actually standing in the barn aisle to read the information on the white board? The White Board feature enables you to check the board from the ring, the road or wherever else you may be.

The Barn Manager Mobile App syncs to our web app, so that you can work from your computer as well. You can cancel your account at any time in the Account Menu. There are no refunds or credits for partial months. For more information, please visit

Stay tuned for Invoicing and Accounting coming soon!


Versione 3.7.7

Improvements to interface for viewing files.

Privacy dell’app

Nicole Lakin, lo sviluppatore, ha indicato che le procedure sulla tutela della privacy dell’app possono includere il trattamento dei dati come descritto di seguito. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Dati collegati a te

I seguenti dati possono essere raccolti e collegati alla tua identità:

  • Informazioni finanziarie
  • Informazioni di contatto
  • Contenuti dell’utente
  • Identificativi
  • Dati sull’utilizzo

Dati non collegati a te

I seguenti dati possono essere raccolti ma non vengono collegati alla tua identità:

  • Contenuti dell’utente
  • Identificativi
  • Diagnosi

Le procedure per la tutela della privacy possono variare, per esempio, in base alle funzioni che usi o alla tua età. Ulteriori informazioni


  • “In famiglia”

    Se “In famiglia” è stato attivato, fino a sei membri della famiglia potranno usare l’app.

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