Want a MATH app that goes BEYOND multiple-choice?

Then here is the MATH practice app that you have been looking for. . . one app that covers ARITHMETIC, PLACE VALUES, SHAPES, BASIC GEOMETRY, MEASUREMENT, TIME, MONEY, DATA, & FRACTIONS practice for your Kindergartener, 1st Grader or 2nd Grader throughout the years!

This is the LIMITED trial version of our apps. . . please check out each of our individual grade level apps if you would not like to have IAP. Or just UPGRADE immediately for uniterrupted fun and challenging math practice!

"Overall a very comprehensive, unusual, engaging maths app. . ."
4.5/5 Stars - the iMums
"I highly recommend it." & "Very well done."
4.5/5 – AppyMall

Your child will engage in a variety of content each time he or she plays Beyond Cats! Math Practice. There are over 300 question types, with THOUSANDS of possible question and answer configurations. Never a dull moment. Questions and topics are introduced progressively, so the app continues to provide challenging questions even after the child has been using the app for months.

As children keep on practicing their math with Beyond Cats! Math Practice, the patterns found in math are reinforced through the format of the game.

These apps showcase a unique multiple-choice game-play that allows the player to self-check his or her answers at ANY time - just slide out the answer puzzle tab!

That is why we say that our apps go BEYOND multiple choice.

When you slide out the answer puzzle tab, check to see if the puzzle pieces are in the right place. If the animal puzzle looks jumbled, that shows that there are some wrong answers. Tap the mis-placed pieces to send them back to the game. The answer you were looking for will be available again. Keep on playing!

How many wild animals can you collect from around the world?
How many colorful plants can you collect from around the world?
How many colorful butterflies and insects can you collect from around the world?

This format encourages delayed gratification and critical thinking skills such as strategic competence, adaptive reasoning, spatial reasoning and a sense of independence. All excellent life-learning skills.

*Up to 50 customizable player accounts
*Two levels to begin at, progressively harder problems
*Set practice topics
*Check-in to monitor progress
*Reset individual topics or entire player
*Directly reference which Common Core State Standards for Mathematics topics are covered

The young learners will be actively engaging in these topics at an appropriate academic development level, moving towards a conceptual understanding of key ideas and structures within the study of mathematics.

Throughout the three grade levels of the series, children will be practicing the following math content:

NUMBER SENSE: (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT: K.CC.1-2,4-7, K.NBT, K.MD.2, K.OA.1-5, 1.NBT.1-6, 1.OA.1-8, 2.NBT.A.1-4; 2.NBT.B.5,7-8; 2.OA.A.1; 2.OA.B.2; 2.OA.C.4; 3.OA.A.1-2,4; 3.OA.B.6; 3.NF.A.1,3)
*Place Value

GEOMETRY SENSE: (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT: K.G.1-6, 1.G.1-3, 2.G.A.1-3; 3.G.A.2; 4.G.A.1,3)
*Shape ID (and Fractions)

MEASUREMENT and DATA: (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT: K.MD.1-3, 1.MD.1-4, 1.NBT.4, 2.MD.A.1,3-4; 2.MD.B.5; 2.MD.C.7,8; 2.MD.D.9,10; 2.G.A.2; 2.OA.A.1; 3.MD.A.1; 3.MD.C.6-7; 3.MD.D.8)
*Data Measurement
*Unit Measurement

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Versione 2.5.1

Same great math app with a few minor fixes.
appikiko has some fun doodling apps too!

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