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Hey hey hey! A new game by TutoTOONS is in town! If you love collecting cute and fluffy animals this game is for you! Meet Bunnsies - cute flufftail virtual bunny friends ready to be your best buddies! What are Bunnsies you may ask? They are the most special, cute, adorable, fluffy & huggable pet bunnies you can imagine!

In this fun and educational game, you'll get to hatch, collect, and care for your own adorable collection of bunnies. From cute baby bunnies to fluffy adult bunnies, you'll learn how to give each one the love and attention it deserves. Hatch & and watch your new friend bunny meet even more bunny friends! Become best buddies with these little bunnies & make sure to take good care of them.

Collect virtual bunnies

Start collecting cute & fluffy bunny friends Bunnsies! Bunnsies come in every color and personality, you will always be surprised & happy when you hatch a new one! Make sure to collect them all and have fun!

Take care of cute & fluffy bunnies

When a baby bunny hatches, it wants to eat! Give food to help your cute baby pet grow up, bathe, feed, play with, put to bed when tired, and make the pet happy! Collect all eggs and hatch adorable virtual pet bunnies!

Play fun mini-games

Jump, hop, draw, and play basketball in exciting mini-games. Try your luck & learn new skills and collect all the fun prizes! You can even improve your personal high scores to be the best at every mini-game!

Dress up pet bunnies in cute outfits

What can be cuter than a pet bunny in a cute outfit? Choose different outfits for your pets, check out cool accessories, and have fun!

Join Bunnsies' world, where learning is fun and happiness is always just around the corner! Collect them all and enjoy! Here's your chance to nurture a happy pet family that will bring you joy every day. Download now!

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3,6 su 5
5 valutazioni

5 valutazioni


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