Make unlimited calls to India with CallIndia app using cheap calling plans. You can call India landlines and mobiles using a cheap Unlimited India calling plan, that turn international calls into local calls in terms of costs, dialing and usability. Plus, the VoIP unlimited calls to India have a high quality. Choose your best plan to call India, and we'll show you how to call India easily, with a fair calling service!
For low usage, the alternative to an unlimited calling plan is Voice Credit, that can be purchased online and never expires. Replace calling cards and phone cards with CallIndia app, free-to-install. Save money on your international phone calls and SMS to India and other destinations.
CallIndia app works with 3G, LTE/4G, and ideally with WiFi.
This way you can make cheap calls to India and other destinations on Call India the easiest way, at the lowest price on the global market!
NEW! Offline Calling - this feature is meant to allow app users to connect calls without Internet connection WiFi or 3G/4G-LTE, through local access numbers.
This feature will help you call any contact number without Internet connection. For any international contact you may need to call, a local phone number will be instantly made available for you.


* Use with WiFi, 3G or 4G/LTE

* Optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

* Direct access to your phone Contacts 

* Unlimited calling plans to India

* Or use prepaid minutes, that never expire, to call worldwide


* No hidden fees

* Excellent call quality 

* Minute rounding

* Low cost calls to India

* Cheap calling rates for other international destinations

* 24/7 Customer Service


1. Go to CallIndia store and create an account

2. Buy an unlimited calling plan on the website if you don’t have a PIN yet

3. Install the app and start calling or texting



*Check the prepaid rate/min for other calling destinations in the Rates tab!

Help Center

*Check out the answer to frequently asked questions in the Help Center tab.

Set my Caller ID

*Let your friends know who’s calling them! Set your Caller ID directly from the app.

Rate our app

*We value your opinion. Please let us know if you like our app!


• Use your own phone Contacts to make direct calls
• Create a new account from the app
• Use Speed Dial to call your favorite numbers faster


• What can I do to improve my quality when making a phone call online?

All international phone calls placed through our application depend on the quality of your Internet connection. Please make sure you have a good signal and that no other software or program is using your Internet resources when making an internet phone call.

• Can I use my phone contacts?

Yes, but you have to make sure that all phone numbers are saved in international format: country code + phone number.

• How much data does the app use for an online call?

On average, the app uses approximately 1MB/min for making a voice call. In order to benefit from the highest quality available, we advise you to use the application with a WiFi network. Any costs resulting from using the application with 3G or 4G networks when you call internationally or send an SMS are not covered by us.


* Use Toll Free or Local Access Numbers from CallIndia website to make direct calls from your mobile phone or landline, without using the app.

We recommend that you turn off international calling with your mobile provider. This way there will be no risk to make international calls or long distance calls by accident using your current provider, at much higher rates.

Having issues with the CallIndia application? Please email us at


Versione 4.4.44

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements. Thanks for using CallIndia.

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