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Camelot is an application created to address the most complex live performance needs with a simple and guided workflow. It combines in one app, a convenient and beautifully designed digital performance workstation that in the past could only be achieved with a complex setup made of connecting different applications and devices together.
Camelot is a Setlist Manager, a Software Instrument & FX Host, a PDF Music Score reader, a Multitrack Audio Player, and the most advanced MIDI Patchbay and Router. All in one piece of software:

● Hardware Instrument presets:
select your instrument Smart Map and go! With no MIDI knowledge!

● Software instruments and effects (AUv3)
Play with your favorite software sounds & FX (Auv3 format) and enjoy switching from one scene to another WITHOUT SOUND INTERRUPTION!

● MIDI keyboards and MPE controllers:
connect any MIDI controller directly or with a USB hub;

● Advanced MIDI routing:
duplicate, filter, and route any MIDI messages with ease;

● MIDI and Bluetooth remote controls:
Remote scene switching, start/stop buttons, or assign track levels to external pedals, faders, or controllers;

● Smart Scene Switching:
It’s a unique feature on iOS!!! There is no AUv3 host capable of switching sound with NO AUDIO INTERRUPTION and clever MIDI messages management, that does not truncate MIDI instances & routing. Stop using production tools for live performances!

● Tempo Sync with MIDI Clock and Ableton Link, with dedicated output for metronome (click)

● Lyrics and Chords attachments with custom annotations:
each Scene recalls PDF or images that you can visualize during the performance. The attached file can be saved at the desired zoom level and scroll position. Stop using paper chord, lyrics, or music score books!

● Audio backing tracks, Timeline & Automations:
attach Audio Tracks, add auto-play and auto-stop markers, and even add Scene automation. You can have multiple audio tracks with separate audio outputs and, at the same time, use the Timeline to automate Scene switches at specific points in the sequence.

● Manage your Performance with ease: Forget about the complications of last-minute Setlist changes. Rearrange, move and duplicate Songs with simple Drag & Drop directly on each Setlist.

How Camelot is organized:

● Setlists - a collection of Songs
● Songs - can have one or more Scenes that each include a Timeline. When you select a Song in Camelot, you load all the resources needed to play that Song (i.e., Virtual Instruments, FX, and Audio Tracks).
● Scenes - recall and organize Hardware instruments presets, MIDI connections, Software plugin presets, and Music Score Attachments. You can switch freely from one Scene to another with no interruption in the sound.
● Layers - the building blocks of each Scene. Layers allow the connection between MIDI Input Controllers and the Items. Layers manage the MIDI and Audio flow for all the Items that are loaded on them.
● Items - Individual Hardware or Software Instruments and FX.


Versione 2.0.1

NEW: Added option to enable or disable multi-route (headphones in addition to external audio device). Set it to OFF if your audio device conflicts with multi-route.
NEW: Added Triton Smart Map
NEW: Added popup for Rack Layer removal also in Layer's Audio/Midi Settings panel (when selecting "Remove")

FIX: key commands not working on iOS
FIX: Windows crash when creating a Song template
FIX: crash after pasting a Layer
FIX: crash when deleting a Rack layer on Windows (from either "..." menu or Edit mode).
FIX: crash after creating 2 Setlists
FIX: wrong sync choosing START or CONTINUE when clock is running already
FIX: wrong bpm sent to external devices when transport is set to NONE
FIX: buttons of attachment full view are not shown when reaching the view from another Camelot View
FIX: apply plugins' state just once at song loading, to avoid glitches at Scene switching for some plugins
FIX: audio problems with multi-out plugins (e.g. Kontakt, Omnisphere, KORG M1, Spitfire, and others)
FIX: fixed plugins state after restoring a backup
FIX: glitch when disconnecting a layer after being kept alive by notes on
FIX: removing a disconnected MIDI input, a new "(disconnected)" element appears as selected and the other one keeps being selected
FIX: adding an overflowing Backing Track when "Auto-adjust with tracks" is off. Happens when pressing Yes or No.
FIX: Layers preview in scenes (SCENES view) are not updated on Undo/Redo for layer colour change, layer ordering, layer add/remove
FIX: wrong text (i.e. text anagrams) were possible in PlusMinus components with custom values. Custom value input in value editor now always possible (see "OFF" in external device presets)
FIX: avoid reloading whole song when exiting edit mode
FIX: fixed Triton Rack Smart Map

Known Issues
- when importing heavy Setlists Camelot seems frozen. Just wait for the end of the import process. Do not put Camelot in background on iPad otherwise iPadOS will kill the app. This issue will be fixed in future.
- export of backups to DropBox or Google Drive does not work on iPadOS. Please use a local iPad folder, iCloud or a physical USB dongle

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21 valutazioni

21 valutazioni

Melodia80 ,


Queta app è proprio quello che mancava su ios,puoi programmare tutto quello che vuoi con una facilità assurda,ma darò 5 stelle quando sarà compatibile con tutte le app ios e non solo audio unit,per adesso io non posso usare le mie app che uso di solito (ad esempio korg module)perchè non sono audio unit e quindi non posso usare questa app e sono costretto ad usare AUM,per adesso la tengo da parte sperando in un aggiornamento...RENDETELA COMPATIBILE CON TUTTE LE APP E SARÀ TOP...

Carmineeeee ,

Ansioso del futuro

Metto 4 stelle solo perché attendo possibilità di gestire volumi in real time da controller esterno e la possibilità di caricare fx esterni. Ottimo staff davvero sempre disponibile. Continuate così

mrsorres ,

Un prodotto notevole

Il programma è intuitivo, ma seguendo le guide on-line si comprendono le enormi potenzialità. Veramente un ottimo programma da utilizzare nei live con ogni combinazione di tastiere e plug-in. L ‘iPad diventa un centro di controllo midi. 5 stelle meritate al team di sviluppatori!

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Grazie! Stiamo cercando di fare del nostro meglio per soddisfare elle esigenze di chi suona dal vivo.


Audio Modeling Srl
36.1 MB

Richiede iOS 11.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPad.

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