CameraPixels is a unique manual photography app. The premium tools and intuitive UI make CameraPixels the best choice for professional mobile photographers. CameraPixels participated in Berkley Eclipse Megamovie 2017 thanks to its extensive raw bracketing.

Intuitive UI
CameraPixels has a simple and efficient UI. The most important information is always in front of your eyes, and this allows you to avoid surprises like an unexpected flash fire or the wrong output photo or video format. Stop being distracted by the uncertainty of the settings, concentrate on your capture!

ISO/Shutter priority modes
CameraPixels is among a few photography apps that support advanced exposure modes like ISO and Shutter priority. These modes are indispensable during dynamic photography when there is no time for adjusting manual exposure.

Histogram and clipping warnings
The histogram is a great tool to estimate your exposure. It can show you if the photo has under-exposed or over-exposed areas. Clipping warnings, on the other hand, can show you exactly where those under and over-exposed areas in your photo are.

Depth capture
On dual/triple-camera devices, CameraPixels can capture depth information alongside the colour photo. If the photo has depth information, in the preview window, two additional buttons appear (depth and portrait) that allow you to inspect the depth of the image and apply it to simulate an aperture.

CameraPixels supports multiple photo and video capture modes. Among them are Bracketing capture, Slow shutter and Time-lapse modes. CameraPixels has the most advanced bracketing available on the iOS platform, which includes exposure (auto-, ISO-, shutter-brackets, flash bracket) and focus modes.

CameraPixels was designed for professional photographers that value efficiency of their workflow. The unlimited presets, including the possibility to expose them to Today widget make CameraPixels the ultimate photography tool.

Features overview
- UI optimized for manual capture
- Advanced semi-automatic exposure modes (iso and shutter priority modes)
- Clipping warnings and focus peaking
- Photo and video capture (Photo, Burst, Bracketing, Slow shutter, Portrait*, Time lapse, Video)
- Adjustable photo and video resolutions
- Adjustable photo and video qualities
- Advanced photo processing (Smart HDR and Deep fusion on supported devices)
- Unlimited presets with the possibility of exposing them to Today widget
- The most advanced bracketing available on iOS, including exposure and focus options
- Advanced intervalometer
- OIS even for RAW and ProRAW (on supported devices) photo capture
- Multiple framing options


Versione 2021.1

Welcome the first release of 2021. In this release:

Support for ProRAW format.
On iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max you can now select ProRAW format in Photo, Focus Bracket, Exposure Bracket, and Combined Bracket capture modes. The ProRAW format can be combined with JPG and HEIC processed formats too (but not TIFF at the moment). Always remember that the ProRAW format takes a considerable amount of space on your iOS device and takes longer to capture and process.

Front camera mirror option.
Many of you requested a possibility to have the output of the front camera in a mirrored orientation. Now you can activate the Mirror Front Camera setting in the CameraPixels setting screen. When the option is activated, the output photos and videos will have the same orientation as you see it in the viewfinder.

External lens selector.
The CameraPixels app is top-rated among focus stacking enthusiasts, and it's not uncommon to use an external lens in such photography. In this release, we introduce the external lens selector (Olloclip lenses) that allows saving the external lens name to the EXIF header of each captured photo. We'll be adding new external lens support in future releases.

Bug fixes
We also fixed a few bugs that sneaked inside the previous build. If you find a bug or have suggestions on how to improve the CameraPixels, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.3 su 5
9 valutazioni

9 valutazioni

whited00r ,

Excellent manual modes

Best manual app that offers AT THE SAME TIME:
- exposure bracketing
- raw
- set fixed ISO (low ISO, max quality)
Perfect solution to get high quality HDR in post-production on computer.
- combine these features in a preset

Please consider these additions:
- Apple Watch extension (remote shutter)
- Mode: picture in Depth camera mode (no RAW due to iOS limitations) + RAW picture from Tele lens (useful for merging in post-production, highlights/shadows recovery in the face of the subject).

Mattwe82 ,

Soldi spesi male

L'utilizzo del formato Raw (DNG), unico motivo che mi aveva spinto ad acquistare l'app, comporta l'abbassamento della risoluzione, ha quindi poco senso usarlo. Per il resto le funzioni sono quelle basi come la scelta delle ISO, il brackting, la velocità dell'otturatore, e la distanza focale (unica cosa forse interessante)

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

To see the full resolution DNG file use the appropriate software, Photos app can only show embedded JPG preview image. CameraPixels produces full resolution (12 MPx) DNG, and also has one of the most complete list of advanced features among manual cameras.

Laura 1408b ,


App fatta benissimo! Peccato solo non ci sia la possibilità di scattare foto panoramiche. Sarebbe una feature da integrare. Per il resto favolosa!

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Natalya Petrenko
5 MB
Foto e video

Richiede iOS 14.3 e watchOS 6.0 o versione successiva. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Italiano, Cinese Semplificato, Coreano, Francese, Giapponese, Inglese, Olandese, Portoghese, Russo, Spagnolo, Tedesco

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