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Cardiogram has been downloaded by over 10 million users in 100+ countries.

Cardiogram is a subscription app with a 30-day Free Trial for new users.
Subscribe to either Heart IQ, or Migraine IQ, or both.

brings together ALL the heart health data you need to live your healthiest life.

Heart IQ transforms your wearables into scientifically-validated heart monitors. And your smartphone into your heart's personal interpreter. With Heart IQ, you'll discover what your heart's patterns reveal about your cardiovascular health & receive personalized suggestions for positive action.

Heart IQ is a breakthrough app helps you detect & manage chronic cardiovascular conditions. See minute-by-minute heart rate information collected by your watch, not just a summary. Set customized heart rate alerts for high & low readings. Use interactive, color-coded charts (with pinch-to-zoom) of your heart rate data, step counts, time-stamped symptoms, & medications.

By connecting Apple Health, Cardiogram pulls in ECG & Blood Pressure readings to have a comprehensive report of your symptoms & readings to share with your doctor. You can also connect a family member to your account so they can see your data.


·      Heart rate/pulse monitor & heart analyzer
·      Symptom tracking
·      ECG/EKG & blood pressure readings
·      Risk report cards for hypertension, sleep apnea & diabetes
·      Sleep tracking
·      Apple watch companion app
·      Supported languages - Cardiogram is only available in English at this time
·      Supported devices include most smartwatches with a heart rate sensor including Apple Watch, Samsung, Fossil, Fitbit, Garmin etc.


• Heart Rate Tracking — Easy to read heart rate graph pulls fitness & sleep data & allows custom tagging. Export data & share with your doctor.
• Health Risk Scores — Continuously updated Health Score monitors your risk for hypertension, sleep apnea, diabetes & aFIB.
• In App Content — Our heart health experts provide valuable lifestyle solutions & tips to help you on your healthy lifestyle journey.
• Cardiogram Community — 500,000+ Heart IQ user community which benefits our ongoing AI learning & allows you to compare your heart health metrics with peers.

helps you to understand what’s going on in your body when you have migraines. Using AI, Migraine IQ might even help you get ahead of migraine pain before an episode overwhelms you. Migraine IQ empowers you to manage your migraines more effectively.


• Log, track & manage migraines & headaches
• First to market with migraine prediction
• Predictive Risk Analysis to predict upcoming episodes
• Tracking & correlation of user habits to migraines
• Tracking & correlation of user specific triggers to support users
• Designed by clinical thought leaders in headaches & migraines
• 15,000 Cardiogram users volunteered to help develop the predictive algorithms


• Migraine Tracking — Migraine IQ has an intuitive interface & allows for daily tracking of stress level, sleep duration & quality, missed meals, & food triggers.

• Smart Metrics & Reporting — Metrics from your wearable are displayed. These include resting bpm, steps, sleep duration, & average sleep bpm. The reports section shows a summary of all tracked migraines & your daily log information.

• Migraine Headache Mapping — Captures location & perceived intensity of pain, stress level for day, sleep duration & quality, & food triggers

• Migraine Risk Scores — Headache risk scores, trends, characterizations, & recent entry details along with personalized recommendations for relief & prevention

• Reports — The reports section shows a summary of all tracked migraines & your daily log information.

• Habit Tracking — You are able to choose & track habits that will improve your overall health & wellbeing.

30-day Free Trial available for new users.


Versione 3.7.35

Removed ECG permissions for old iOS Versions

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4,3 su 5
299 valutazioni

299 valutazioni

Potienza ,

Manca la lingua italiana

Manca solo la lingua italiana è sarebbe perfetta, un nuovo aggiornamento potrebbe essere quello giusto per inserire la lingua italiana

NandoX ,

Un app valida

Da avere su ogni iPhone Apple Watch per tenere sotto controllo il proprio cuore

Mole 45 ,


Veramente fatta bene. Tutti i grafici disponibili e perfetta sincronizzazione con Apple Watch e salute. Aggiunge anche complicazione nel watch per vedere battito istantaneo e gratuita !!!! Must have

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