The #1 competitive board generator for Settlers of Catan. With countless configurations, including adjacent reds, max dots per intersection, fair ports, and much more. Upgrade your app for the Expansion packs and Sea Farers.

Settlers of Catan is an exciting, strategy, social board game which is played around a randomly generated board. Players collect resources, including wood, brick, sheep, wheat and ore, to trade or build new roads and settlements. First person to 10 points wins.

Catanerator is a tool used to generate a board which distributes the odds in a fashion that allows a customizable balance. Now you can play Settlers of Catan with a board which does not give unfair advantages to certain players.

Check it out and let us know what you think or what you'd like to see!

NOTE: The difference between Catanerator Pro and this is that Pro comes with some of the in app purchases by default.



Versione 4.1

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** Lots of people think this is the full game and are rating 1 star :( **
** If you're not one of those people, we'd appreciate any feedback! **

This is a minor update to fix a couple animations and the rate button.

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2 valutazioni

Zuprix ,

Non ne capisco il senso.

Sarebbe possibile mettere la lingua Italiana? 😐

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