Improve your playing level and skills with our magic chess tools: 2D & PDF chess scanner, unique video finder, and Superfast cloud engine. Analyze puzzles & games with Stockfish 12 & Lc0. Play chess with friends online or challenge the computer for an offline game.

Features you’ll find ONLY on Chessify:

- 2D Chess Scanner
Digitize chess puzzles from printed or digital sources with 98% accuracy.

- PDF scanner
Upload a book to scan and analyze its puzzles.

- Superfast Cloud Chess Engine
Analyze with Stockfish 12 on Chessify's 30,000 kN/s superfast CLOUD server, which is typically 10X faster than a local chess engine. The use of the Superfast engine is calculated by seconds, which are provided based on the user’s subscription plan. Registered users receive 300 free seconds of the Superfast engine per month.

- High-quality VIDEO
Share chess games as video on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media or messaging apps.

- Video Finder
Play some opening moves and use the search button to find related videos on YouTube & (Pro). By clicking on a video, you will get to watch it from the second when the searched position first appears in it.

- Watch Chess LIVE with strong cloud analysis by Lc0 & Stockfish chess engines
Follow the games of the strongest grandmasters LIVE with simultaneous cloud analysis by Stockfish 12 and LCZero. Get notified about the top events (like Tata Steel Masters or FIDE Candidates) before their start.

We also provide many basic features to help you learn chess easier:

Enjoy free chess engine analysis by Stockfish 12 when you need to find the right moves and tactics in puzzles or the mistakes you made in your recent game.

- Play Chess OFFLINE against STOCKFISH
Choose a difficulty level of up to 2850 Eo rating and play a free offline game against the Stockfish chess engine from a starting position or the current analysis board.

- Learn chess theory with the Opening Explorer
Find the most popular moves in the given opening using the LiChess DATABASE of 2 million OTB games of 2200+ FIDE rated players. Learn theory by looking at what the chess masters play in different openings.

- Import & export FEN/PGN
Export the PGN files of your games or copy the FENs of puzzles to share them with another chess app if needed. Use the ‘paste PGN/FEN’ option to import a game into Chessify.

- Edit board
- SAVE games and positions directly on the app

- SHARE games
Share chess puzzles as IMAGE and games as PGN on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media or messaging apps.

- Play realtime Blitz ONLINE
Choose a standard time control or create your own one and send the invitation link to your friend challenging them for a blitz game. Play online with other users who search for the same time control.

Set a time control and play chess with friends on a real chessboard. Choose between the different types of chess clock: Fischer, Bronstein, Delay, etc.

- Chess for Kids
Apply parental control to disable the chess engine analysis for kids.

- Available in 7 LANGUAGES
English, Russian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Armenian, & Portuguese.

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Make Chessify your personal chess trainer and enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technologies.

Also available in the app:

Silver Membership $2.99/month ($29.99/year)
+25 PRO video views
+SuperFast engine: 5.000 seconds

Gold Membership $9.99/month ($99.99/year)
+100 PRO video views
+SuperFast engine: 40.000 seconds
+PDF scans

Prices may vary based on your location.

Enjoy an ad-free experience regardless of your plan. Sign up for free to increase your monthly limits of our premium features and get access to the SuperFast Engine.


Versione 6.0.2

Great news here! You can now enjoy all of Chessify's features on your iPad! We also bring you the long-awaited LANDSCAPE mode, alongside a newly refined SCANNER and important bug fixes.

What's new:
1. iPad support
2. Landscape mode
3. An improved scanner - 99% accuracy
4. Export & share multiple positions in a single PGN file.

We strive to make your chess experience better with every new update. Don't forget to share your thoughts and comments in reviews. Thank you.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.5 su 5
11 valutazioni

11 valutazioni

Frenk2203 ,

Does the job!

Really like the concept of the app and the scan works quite well. But I have found a small bug where when I change the turn (white or black) and then share the position the FEN comes with white every time. Maybe I have to save the position first but I’d love it if I didn’t have to.

lakiskaki ,

Previos version was much better

I made upgrade e now there is no bigdiagram
I use iphone 7 and ios 10.3

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Hi, we're very sorry to inform you that we no longer support the 10.3.3 version of iOS. If it's possible please update your iOS version to be able to use the app. Thank you.

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