The Swiss Army knife for your files!

Download, Share, Manage, Send, Open, Read, Play, Listen, View, Create, Edit, Move, Rename, Import, Export your documents, Videos, Music, Books and any other type of files on your Cloud Services.

On your iPhone or iPad it all comes together, many Clouds, One App.

◆Remember Long Press is your friend.

On a File to activate the Action Menu.
On the Titlebar to call the Menu at any time.
On the Titlebar in edit mode to Select-Deselect all documents.

Cloud Opener Features:

- Share iCloud Drive documents by weblink (download)
- Web Server and WebDAV Server
- Send to App
- Message
- Attach to email
- Social Media Apps

- Open files from iCloud Drive and Apps supporting the iOS "Document Provider Extensions" like DropBox, OneDrive etc.
- Play any kind of Video file (m4v, mkv, avi etc)**
- Play Music
- Advanced PDF Reader
- Photos
- iWork Documents
- Office Documents
- Text and Images
- Open a Webarchive, .webloc or .url file.
- WebBrowser, Save webpages as PDF or as webloc
- Print
And many more

- Images or Photos with a powerful Image Editor.
Enhance, Resize, Copy, Paste (Also from Pasteboard), Draw, Stickers, Text, Filter
and many more.
- Rich Text Editing.
Font, Style, Size, Alignment, Color and many more.
- Trim Audio Files and Save as Ringtone

- New Images (jpg, png)
- Rich Text documents, save as Text, Rich Text or PDF
- Voice Recording
- Create File From PasteBoard (Clipboard)
- Folders
- Zip/Unzip Archives

- Create Folders
- Duplicate
- Rename
- Delete
- Move, Drag and Drop file moving
- Zip
- Unzip
- Print
- Copy
- Edit Action, perform an action (email, message, send to etc.) on multiple documents

◆ IMPORT - EXPORT from many Cloud services
- iCloud Drive
- Google Drive
- Drop Box
- OneDrive
- Box
- Photo Library
- Camera
- Share Images to Instagram
- Any App that support the documents provider interface

Importing will make a copy of your File and stores it on your device.

◆ COPY TO Cloud Opener
- Apps that support "Send To" can send Files to Cloud Opener

- Zip multiple Files into one archive and send anywhere
- UnZip zip archives into a new folder

Check out the Setting App for the Cloud Opener Settings
- Swap Long Press Action
- Show External Files
- Show File Extensions
- Open In: Store In iCloud
- Passcode Lock with Touch ID SUpport
- And many more options

◆ Store locally for Offline Usage

All in your pocket!

Supported File types:
pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, mov, m4v, mp3, aac, txt, html, (iWork) Pages, Numbers, Keynote, webloc, url, (Office) .docx, .ppt, .xlsx. ...
Support for any type of File depends on the installed Apps.

**Supported Movie types:
mov, mkv, avi, flv, mp3, caff, ogg, wma, m4a, m4v,mwv, 3gp, mp4, mpeg, mpg, vob


Versione 3.9.2

Improvements and Bug fixes
Fixe text editor glitches 

If you like it tell it others!
If you encounter problems please contact me.

Valutazioni e recensioni

5,0 su 5
1 valutazione

1 valutazione

Elbar ,


Da questa app accedo direttamente ad iCloud Drive, una specie di Finder su iOS per navigare tra le cartelle, aprirle, inviare i documenti per posta, message o visualizzarli con le app abilitate. Un'app che promette e fa ben sperare.

Il grilloparlante ,

va in crash

e mi da questo errore: "Cocoa error 4355" Infatti
Ogni volta che vado su "apri in" o su applicazioni di terze parti va in crash. C'è anche da dire che è un programma solo per visionare i file e non si puó aggiungere niente alle cartelle dall'applicazione stessa.
Inoltre era pubblicizzata come applicazione gratuita ma io l'ho pagata 0,89 €. Si pregano i signori programmatori di risolvere il problema dei crash e di testare l'applicazione prima di metterla in commercio . Inutile dire che sono molto deluso e mi riservo la falcoltà di chiedere il rimborso alla Apple.

Tommaso Scarabino ,

Could be more better, but is a good start.


I've just purchased today the app and seems to be promising.
However, there are some things that I would suggest and report any malfunction.
1- after viewing a file, could be very useful and logical to return to the last opened folder and not to the main directory every time;
2- the ability to select more files for move/share/delete;
3- file renaming;
4- create New folders and sub folders and rename;
5- an option for view folders/files in list view as default;
6- a slide to the file name for options;
7- file info view;
8- miniatures navigation also for MS Word files;
9- miniatures nav also in the iphone version;

1- not in all files quick look appear the share icon, expecially in iphone.
2- sometimes the "loading" circle remain without showing the file;
3- pages files does not attach in new mails on ipad.

These are the things that I've noticed and I want share with you. I know, iCloud Drive is not mature as Dropbox, but I think that the REAL difference can be maded with an app like this.

I hope you can work on these suggestions and make better

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