Use ColorTime’s gestural interface to color grade your videos and photos in real-time.
The powerful grading tools enable you to make your images and videos look beautiful and professionally finished.
With a single touch gesture, accurately manipulate color or tone, in the highlights, midtones and shadows.
VertexGrade technology allows you apply grades to organic, freeform selections.
ColorTime now supports 4k video, high frame-rates, HEVC encoding (on supported devices), and non-destructive saving to your iCloud Photo Library.


“The app’s appeal lies not just in what it does, but in the way that it does it.”
“Like no other app I’ve used, ColorTime allows you to isolate portions of your image for color adjustments and offers the ability to mix colors and effects as if they were digital paints. As nuanced or as crazy as you want to get with your color tweaks, ColorTime delivers.” ~~Tim Moynihan,

“Kicked myself when I saw what it can do for my mobile photos.”~~Peter West Carey,

“The app has a very professional feel that does what it says.” ~~Raman Pfaff,

“New and Noteworthy” on the UK App Store, 1st June 2013.

NEW *** Color grade 4K video in real-time ***
Accurately manipulate: Shadows, Midtones, Highlights, Contrast, Saturation.
• Apply unlimited changes to:
--> All the image.
--> Inside of a shape.
--> Outside of a shape.
--> Long-press and drag to paint.
• Use different brush sizes to make your selections.
• MODULATE the colors in your image - explore beautiful new looks.
• Save your grades and sync them with iCloud.
• Share to social networks.
• Crop and rotate your photos and video.

== Unique Color Gesture
The most natural way to manipulate color in your photos.
Just touch the screen and drag. ColorTime’s unique gesture interface allows you to effortlessly change color and brightness of the shadows, midtones, highlights and contrast in your photo.

== Full Screen Realtime Editing
Fill the display with your image and watch it change in realtime.
ColorTime uses OpenGL graphics processing technology so that you can manipulate up to 16.7 Megapixel photos or 4k video in real-time.

== VertexGrade Technology
A powerful and non-destructive way to selectively change parts of your picture.
VertexGrade technology allows you to long-touch and drag to select part of your photo or video. You can then change just the area selected. Make as many selections and as many changes as you like, it won’t slow ColorTime down.

== Interactive Shape
A versatile way to add a vignette or create a unique look.
ColorTime’s inbuilt shape allows you to assign one look to the inside of the shape and another to the outside. At its simplest, you can darken the edges of an image to create a vignette, or go further and create your own unique effect.

== Modulate Mode
Need inspiration? Let ColorTime generate some looks for you.
Press the play button and ColorTime will smoothly animate the color in your photo or video. ColorTime uses an algorithm to assign an almost endless sequence of unique looks.

== Grade Manager
Save your favorite grades.
ColorTime will sync your top 5 grades across your iOS devices using iCloud.

== Social Integration
Share your creation on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram.


Versione 2.7.1

Version 2.7.1

• We've added a new user manual.
• Misc. bug fixes.

Version 2.7.0

• We've added new asset management features that let you create, rename, and move folders and albums.
• New support for folders let you organize groups of albums.
• Long-press on an album or folder to access new asset management features.
• Long-press on a video or photo for shortcuts to common features, such as 'copy grade' and 'share'.
• We've also fixed a bug that could cause a crash when working with an MP4 video.

Version 2.6.4

• Updated ColorTime Photo Extension UI.
• Fixed a crash that could happen when deleting an asset.
• Minor UI improvements to the Albums view.

Version 2.6.3

• Added a multi-selection function to bulk share or delete photos or videos.
• Added new asset management functions to create and delete albums, and move assets into albums.
• Fixed a memory leak that could cause a crash when saving an asset.
• Fixed a bug which could prevent assets being exported and shared.
• New App Icon!

Version 2.6.2

• Improved VertexGrade Paint Technology;
• Change paint brush size.
• Additive or subtractive paint brush modes.
• Invert and clear paint selections.
• Pulse paint selections for clarity.
• General UI Improvements.
• Stability, memory management and reliability improvements.
• Improved how photo and video assets are exported using the 'share' function.

Version 2.6.1

• Fixed Copy / Paste behaviour.
• Critical bug: fixed an issue where photo and video assets could not be seen in albums.

Version 2.6

We’ve been working on Version 2.6 for a while, this is a major upgrade that fully integrates ColorTime with your iOS shared photo library and simplifies the user interface some more.
It is now easier than ever to navigate through hundreds or thousands of photo and video assets and color grade them.
With full support for iCloud Photos, you can pick up on your color grades across iPhone and iPad devices, and copy and paste grades between your assets.

• Browse your photo and video albums effortlessly.
• Pinch to zoom, or double tap, to view your high resolution photos and videos.
• Favorite photos or videos, or trash them, without leaving ColorTime.
• Simply tap ‘Edit’ and drag on your photo or video to color grade.
• Easily copy and paste your color grades across multiple photos or videos.
• Improved support for camera RAW formats.
• Save and share photos or videos up to 4k resolution.
• Non-destructively crop video or photo assets.
• Simplified user interface controls.
• Access ColorTime controls within Apple’s Photos app as a photo extension.

We've also improved application stability when rendering high resolution videos.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,5 su 5
4 valutazioni

4 valutazioni

DannyMoon66 ,

Tutto ok

Con la nuova release, l’app è tornata al Top.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Sorry you were affected by this bug! We’ve now fixed it. Please update ColorTime from the App Store again.

InfrarEd98 ,

Rimettete i valori numerici

App carina per Grading ma rimettete i valori numeric, che così non si capisce niente

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Thanks for the feedback InfrarEd98. Yes I understand that the numerical values are of limited use at this point. I hope to address this in a future release. In the meantime, thanks for using ColorTime and submitting your review.

L|ll0 ,


Ci si deve fare la mano.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Thanks for your review Bella.

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