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DA Baby is a nicely designed, easy to use baby tracker. It comes with insightful charts, iCloud sharing, and Siri Shortcuts support, so you and your partner can log activities and and understand your child’s growth trends together.

=== Free features ===

* Log baby activities: Log a variety of baby activities, including nursing, diaper, sleep, bottle, pumping, and solid.
* Log baby growth: Log baby’s weight, length, and head circumference. It tells you their percentiles so you could keep track of how your baby is growing.
* iCloud sync: All data are synced with iCloud across Apple devices.
* Siri Shortcuts: Log any activity with Siri, or use Shortcuts to automate tracking.
* Home screen widgets: With a total of 10 widget, you can view recent activities, use quick actions to log activities, glance at today's summary, focus on a single activity of your choice, and keep insightful charts on your home screen.
* Built-in timers: Log breastfeeding, sleep, and pumping with a built-in timer.
* Daily pattern charts: View daily pattern charts with color coded activities to see how the days are spent.
* Daily trend charts: View daily trend charts to see how your baby is growing.
* Light and dark modes: The app looks gorgeous in both light and dark modes. And the dark mode is especially handy when feeding at night.

=== Premium features ===

* Reminders: Create reminders so you and your child can better stay on a schedule.
* iCloud share: Share baby profiles with partners or caregivers, to log activities together without sharing a device or iCloud account.
* Growth charts: Get informed about how your child is developing over time, and how your child is growing compared with other children of the same age and birth sex.
* Log temperature: In case your child is sick, it's useful to log temperatures and keep an eye on the progress.
* Log tummy time: Tummy time is one of your child’s most important first exercises. Keep track of tummy time to help with your child's motor, visual, and sensory development.
* Multiple baby profiles: Log activities with multiple baby profiles.
* Customize appearances: Customize each activity's color, and choose frequently used activities on the home screen and hide the rest.
* Data export: You can take out the activity and record data in text format.
* 25 custom app icons: The app provides a total of 25 custom app icons. 4 of them are included for free.

== Contact ==

I have set up a community on and You can also follow @DABabyApp on Twitter or email


Versione 2021.10

+ [FIXED] Fixed a crash when changing activity's color.

Previously in v2021.9:

+ [NEW] Added tummy time support. Tummy time is one of your child’s most important first exercises. Keep track of tummy time to help with your child's motor, visual, and sensory development.

Hope you and your little one(s) have a nice day ^_^

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