The Daikin e-care app can be downloaded for free but can only be accessed with an approved Stand By Me account.

The app includes the following functionalities:

My installations
This part allows the installer to register an installation within seconds. Manual input is minimized thanks to a smart QR code scanner that enables the app to find the product name and serial number of each scanned unit. The commissioning document can be uploaded by simply taking a picture with any mobile device. GPS tracking allows the app to recognize the location of the installation instantly. The app is connected with Stand By Me, so all installations registered via the app will be shown in the installation database of the professionals Stand By Me account.

Quick configuration of the settings of your heating system. The app is fit for the Daikin’s heat pump range. To start the e-configurator, you can either scan the QR code of the nameplate, either type the productname of the unit. The parameter setting can be done on an ‘easy mode’, which is the default setting, or an ‘advanced mode’. In a first tab, the parameters which are ‘system-related’ are being defined in a few clicks. In a second tab, the settings related to space heating are set. Depending on your solution, a Domestic Hot Water tab is also available. In just 8 to 10 clicks, all settings of the heat generator are being defined and in a last tab, you can find an overview of all settings. The changed settings are being highlighted.
You can save the settings as pdf or store them on a USB memory stick or SD card for the new Altherma 3 generation units. Note that the Daikin e configurator is available as app and web-application. In case you have no possibility to connect a USB memory stick on your tablet or smartphone, the configuration can be done from your PC.

The Daikin e-Doctor is a mobile application, that guides service technicians during troubleshooting, component check and repair of Daikin units.
Technical data and a link to the Daikin Business Portal are included in the app.
You can use your Daikin Business Portal account to log-in to only access e-Doctor. In case you need full e-Care functionality log-in with your Stand-By-Me account.
The e-Doctor is an on-line application and needs continuous connection to the internet. Therefore, you need WiFi or mobile data to be able to use it.


Versione 1.7.1

Bugfixes and improvements

Privacy dell’app

Lo sviluppatore, Daikin Europe, ha indicato che le procedure per la tutela della privacy dell’app potrebbero includere il trattamento dei dati descritto di seguito. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Dati non collegati a te

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  • Diagnosi

Le procedure per la tutela della privacy possono variare, per esempio, in base alle funzioni che usi o alla tua età. Ulteriori informazioni


  • “In famiglia”

    Se “In famiglia” è stato attivato, fino a sei membri della famiglia potranno usare l’app.

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