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DR&AM is a versatile mobile application specifically designed for seamless collaboration and information sharing within a shipyard environment.

It is connected to the DR&AM desktop application and allows users to navigate through projects, download documents, check the planning e all the main info related to ship construction.

One of the key features of DR&AM is its offline capability, allowing users to navigate the content even without an internet connection. This is made possible through an initial synchronization process, ensuring that the latest updates and task assignments are available for offline access. Whether working in remote locations or experiencing connectivity issues, operators can rely on DR&AM to access critical task information and associated documents without interruption.

The app's intuitive interface and hierarchical task representation enable users to easily visualize the overall structure and progress of projects. Through the hierarchical tree-like display, tasks are organized and presented in a clear and logical manner, allowing for efficient navigation and understanding of their relationships.

By providing a holistic view of the project, DR&AM facilitates better coordination among operators and helps optimize workflow efficiency.In addition to task management, DR&AM also serves as a central repository for accessing related documents. Users can effortlessly retrieve relevant files, such as technical specifications, blueprints, or safety guidelines, directly from within the app. This eliminates the need for manual document handling or searching through physical copies, streamlining access to critical information and ensuring all operators have the necessary resources at their fingertips.


Versione 1.2

Here are the exciting new features available in our latest version of the app, now available!

- PKCE Integration for Enhanced Security: We've bolstered the security of your account with the introduction of Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) for access. This advanced technology ensures that your personal information is kept safe when logging into the app, providing maximum privacy protection.
- Integration of Standard Documents: It's now easier than ever to access documents within the app. We've integrated the latest feature to ensure greater compatibility and ease of use when it comes to viewing documents directly within the app.

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