Medical Editor's Review:
This app allows you to view ECG recordings in real time demonstrating a wide range of different cardiac abnormalities. You can also read concise explanations of how each abnormality manifests itself in ECG findings. The ability to view these ECG recordings as often as desired makes this a valuable tool for mastering the nuances of ECG interpretation.

Customer reviews:
These apps have really been improving since recent updates. They are not designed as standalone tutorials, but rather serve as an excellent and extensive library of realistic example cases that illustrate principles of ECG interpretation, from the simplest to the very complex, and from the common to the very rare. Recent updates have expanded to include basic information on elements of ECG interpretation and cardiac physiology, which has added a new layer of depth to an already great collection of apps. Please, keep up the excellent work!"

"A best and easy ecg interpretor which was very useful thanx ecg book...enjoy and try to learn"
"Great app for practicing strips!!! Helps with my new nursing career!!!"

"Great for anyone learning how to interpret EKG rhythms. I'm a paramedic student and I've greatly benefitted from this app."

"I'm a nursing student and our school has poor lecturers so we are teaching ourselves everything. This has helped immensely in my advanced med surg class."

ECG Books is a large database of ECG abnormality.

It provides 1000+ abnormal ECG cases from real world patients to help illustrate the most important ECG findings.

Each book talks about one finding, with detailed information including Causes / Characteristics / Signs / Diagnosis / Treatment

The 1000+ abnormal ECG cases are provided in 2 modes:
Movie mode and Report mode

[Movie Mode]
You play each case like watching it on monitor with beep sound of each heartbeat.

[Report Mode]
You view cases in all 10 seconds long, measure, share or print

[Books Published]

1. Atrial Fibrillation Book
2. Atrial Flutter Book
3. PVC Book
4. PAC Book
5. RBBB Book (IRBBB and CRBBB)
6. U Wave Book
7. Sinus Bradycardia & Tachycardia Book
8. Early Repolarization Book
9. Fusion Beats Book
10. Pulmonary Heart Disease Book
11. Second-degree AV block Book
12. T Wave Inversion Book
13. Clockwise Rotation Book
14. Type A Pre-excitation Book
15. Quadrigeminy Book
16. Trigeminy Book
17. Pacemark Rhythm Book (DDD / VVI)
18. SVT Book
20. Long QT Prolongation Book
21. Poor R-Wave Progression Book
22. Type A Pre-Excitation Book
23. IVCD Book
24. Escape Rhythm Book
25. Left Anterior Fascicular Block Book
26. Clockwise & Counterclockwise Rotation Book
27. T Wave Inversion Book
28. First-degree Atrioventricular Book
29. WAP Book
30. Left Atrial Enlargement Book
31. LAD & RAD Book
32. AF With RVR Book
33. Pulmonary Heart Disease Book
34. Fusion Beats Book
35. ST Elevation Book
36. Short PR Interval Book
37. Ventricular Tachycardia Book
and more...

Some books need in app purchase to access the real patient cases

The app is a well prepared training app for ACLS Rhythm Interpretation and Recognition. We spend ages on it, and believe it should help one way or another...

And the development is not yet done, on weekly basis, we will publish more new cases for you to download and learn.


Versione 2.7

More chapters and cases

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3.9 su 5
7 valutazioni

7 valutazioni

drFrankenstin ,


Perfetta, anche in versione free ha tutto ciò che serve per uno studio approfondito

Frack123 ,

Splendida app per imparare a leggere gli ECG

App molto completa con anche spiegazione delle diverse cardiopatie. Apprezzo lampossibilità di vedere sia l'ECG che la telemetria, vorrei potrei oscurare la soluzione per mettermi più facilmente alla prova. In generale consiglio caldamente l'app, credo che pagherò anche l'upgrade

R.Barrera ,


Semplice e chiara


WMS, Inc
43 MB

Richiede iOS 8.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Italiano, Catalano, Ceco, Cinese Semplificato, Cinese Tradizionale, Coreano, Danese, Ebraico, Finlandese, Francese, Giapponese, Greco, Indonesiano, Inglese, Norvegese bokmål, Olandese, Polacco, Portoghese, Rumeno, Russo, Slovacco, Spagnolo, Svedese, Tedesco, Turco, Ungherese

Classificato 12+ per:
Raro/Moderato contenuto medico/terapeutico
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  2. Short PR Interval Book 1,09 €
  3. T Wave Inversion Book 2,29 €


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