A powerful and interactive weather station for sail coaches: Real time analysis and record all data from the training and the race field.
esa Coach is the new App from Astra Yacht that transform your iPhone/iPad in a complete weather station! Get all the data in real time and record everything for a perfect debriefing

Connect esa Coach to an esa Coach kit (
To have every information on the Coach boat!

esa Coach box has an internal high speed GPS, and it is able to receive wind data directly from the wind sensors both wired or wireless, and it can be connected to other NMEA 0183 sensors (such as speed-depth sensor, electronic compass).

Data from many sensors can be displayed via Wi-Fi directly on Apple devices through the App esa Coach that, in addition to the visualization of data in a very light and flexible way, allows you to easily calibrate your sensors with a user friendly setting procedure.

With esa Coach you can visualize data in various format:
- wind history page: with the real time data and a powerful diagrams visualization tool;
- current history page: with the real time automatic data calculation and a powerful diagrams visualization tool;
- analysis with the current meter with automatic calculation of current direction and current speed and boat’s position;
- data page with different kind of visualisation.

You can record the data of position, wind, current; create a training’s history and race sessions with data from wind sensor, powerful internal 20Hz GPS sensor and compass. All data can be viewed in real time or in replay mode for a better training’s support.

Compatible with:
- iPhone 5,6
- iPad Mini (all version)
- iPad (all version)
- iPad Air (all version)


Versione 3.2.1

- Etichette HDG e BS visibili nella schermate vento e corrente
- Aggiornato il calcolo per GWD
- Aggiornamento del grafico (vento e corrente) al cambiare dell'unità di misura (knots, m/s, m/min)
- Miglioramenti alla UI e UX

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2 valutazioni


ASTRA Yacht srl
41.2 MB

Richiede iOS 8.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



Classificazione: 4+
© 2015 Astra Yacht


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