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ESA Training is the new app from Astra Yacht, is a revolutionary instrument which support sailors in monitoring and getting the best performances of their sailing boats, aiding the crew to optimally adjust the sails. Sailing within a constant wind angle, ESA Training suggest both the sail adjustment and the fine regulations. After few steps you will reach almost the performance of a experienced sailor.
-The beginners to correct the basis sails regulations.
- The expert sailors who have the pleasure to optimize and improve their performance sailing.
ESA Training is an unique application, thank to its ability, during navigation, to evaluate the results of the adjustment of a sail by comparing the performance obtained with the previous one, gradually guide the crew through a series of sail trim up to get the best performance possible in that condition of boat / sails and wind.
1. Specification of the basic settings of the sails according to the angle and intensity of the wind
2. Guide adjustment of the sails, according to a cycle of successive adjustments suggested by ESA Training, until reaching the optimal value of performance.
3.Navigation data visualization, coming from onboard instruments, and target performances calculated by esa Regatta.
4.Target indications: comparison between real time and the targets data of the boat (polar data)
3.Historic wind chart, with real-time and average speeds.

If you would like to know more of ESA Trainig’s characteristics, please go to
This is the full version that works ONLY in connection with new GAMP 0183 Esa Multiplexer WiFi, sending NMEA 0183 data from your boat.
In order to get familiar to ESA Trainig, inside the ESA Trainig app is available a demo, executable on the own in your Apple’s device (offline, without the necessary hardware support).

ESA Training needs to work a specific hardware produced by Astra Yacht.


Versione 1.2.0

Compatibility with iPhone 6 and iOS 9
Bug fix

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ASTRA Yacht srl
7.4 MB

Richiede iOS 6.1 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Italiano, Inglese

Classificazione: 4+
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