Exerp Staff Mobile App is an app for group exercise trainers and personal trainers. It allows them to keep track of their classes/appointments with members, easily trade classes or sign up for classes missing an instructor. It can also be used to show-up members for classes. The App integrates directly into the back-end of Exerp for easy management of e.g. class schedules, bookings and member profiles.


Versione 1.4.0

- Enabled the option to add or remove a participant to/from all remaining occurrences of an existing booking
- Removed the option to add/edit resource on a Staff Booking activity
- Enabled the “Adjust headcount” functionality
- Added the option to filter on clubs, to the member search functionality
- Changed the “Activity” field in Create Booking to only display relevant activities (activities that the user can actually create a booking with)
- Show either the person id or the person external Id in Member details screen complying with desktop client rules
- Added a new icon for “Available bookings” in the menu
- Added a functionality that tags new members with the label “(New)”
- Removed the option to select recurrence of type daily and monthly when creating bookings of type course
- Enabled deep-linking notifications so that a push notification can, when clicked upon, can navigate directly to e.g. an available booking
- Limited how far in the future a user can create recurring bookings (1 year)
- iOS 13 Bugfixes: Fixed the issue introduced with iOS 13 where default background color for search fields became white


Exerp ApS
57.3 MB

Richiede iOS 11.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Danese, Inglese, Norvegese bokmål, Svedese



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