Do you think you know your textbook Mark Lawrenson football quotes from your Jamie Redknapps?

We've included all the classic cliché sayings such as Alan Shearer's favourite "Little bit of luck" and Michael Owen's "Gave him the eyes...", not forgetting Gary Neville's "Double Lollipop"!

We've heard them all from the blindingly obvious phrases such as "This Game Needs a Goal" and "It's a Game of Two Halves" and pundits showing their tactical prowess with "Too Many Square Balls" and he's found that "Little Pocket of Space", not to mention the all-time classics such as "Fergie Time" and "Park the Bus"!

As a little bonus we've also added your own tactical pundit kit to share your own opinions on match days.

Give your punditry skills a whirl with your mates with FootieTalks® Armchair Pundit.

Includes animated stickers:

Pundit quotes:
• "He Gave him the Eyes"
• "Schoolboy Defending"
• "This Game Needs a Goal"
• "He's a TOP TOP Player"
• "It's a Game of Two Haves"

Tactical Kit:
* Flat Pitch and Angled Pitch
* Player Markers
* Pass & Shot Arrows
* Area Lines.
* Multiple Formations

...and much much more!

Have you got any classics you've heard before and want adding in? We'd love to hear from you and we will pick the best suggestions and add in to the app.

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Versione 1,5

We update FootieTalks® Armchair Pundit as often as possible to so you get the best animated football sticker experience! Updates in this version include:

• Localisation Updates

If you enjoy FootieTalks® Armchair Pundit, we would really appreciate it if you could take the time to rate and review our app.For more search FootieTalks on the AppStore!

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