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Hey, pumpkin... This app is 100% FREE!

NO ADS! NO SPAM! No trash touristy content, no commercial stuff, we do not sell you anything!!!

Listen, we wanted something like this for ourselves and created a simple economy-sharing app for free-spirited travelers to recommend each other:

• tourist-free and crazy awesome places we discovered (aka unusual people's free travel guide)

• travel tips / lifehacks from backpackers to backpackers on how to avoid unneeded expenses

• unknown / creepy / scary spots for extreme travelers

Contribute, guys, don't be shy. Let's help each other.

What’s also so special:

MAP: all the places and tips are marked exactly on the map for your convenience. You can copy coordinates and check the distance to the place.

QUALITY: we review and moderate each post. We encourage budget backpackers and travelers to save as much money as possible while traveling and share discovered secrets on how to do so.

CLANS: unique & crazy 3 guys representing archetypes of travelers to find like-minded travelers.

COMING SOON: the app-offline automatic trip tracker (yeah, sounds long, but hella convenient), community help board, instant messaging with pals - this list is long!

Just download the FREEKIN’ app and hit the SUPPORT button there!

Peace 'n' love we want, peace 'n' love we'll get.


Versione 1.0.1

This version contains minor fixes and performance improvements. Sign-in via Facebook & Instagram, feed logic changed

Privacy dell’app

Lo sviluppatore, Ekaterina Lysykh, non ha fornito a Apple dettagli sulle proprie procedure per la tutela della privacy e il trattamento dei dati. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Dettagli non forniti

Lo sviluppatore dovrà fornire dettagli sulla privacy quando pubblicherà il prossimo aggiornamento dell’app.


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