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Create a scene with GoVisual Scene Maker! Start with an image or video and simply draw around the things you want to talk about.

Just-in-time programming makes it easy for kids to draw a hotspot, add text-to-speech, or record a voice for playback. Enriches language development while providing powerful communication in the interaction!

Take a video and watch it with a student. Students can then easily pause and draw a hotspot then record a word, phrase, or sentence to communicate! Later, the student can play the video and talk about it with new communication partners. Video Scene Displays are also a great way to model job tasks and to help young adults communicate in their workplace.

GoVisual includes the Transition to Literacy (T2L) feature—where a word dynamically pops up over the scene for several seconds—which has been shown to dramatically increase literacy comprehension. This technique is proven effective in research studies at Penn State University,

If you currently use GoTalk NOW, adding GoVisual to your app collection will allow you to create video scene displays that pair perfectly with your current communication book - creating links that jump back and forth between you GoVisual Scenes and GoTalk NOW communication books.

Make a difference in improving communication and literacy for your students . . . GoVisual!

● Create Video Scenes
● Draw hot spots with your finger
● Transition to Literacy (T2L) to increase literacy comprehension
● Simple to use speech to text and text to speech options
● Uses machine learning to help identify over 20 common objects for ease of programming
● Create collage scenes with multiple images
● Add text on top of your images
● Quickly link to GoTalk NOW if desired
● Send scenes/collections wirelessly to nearby devices
● Use iOS 11’s drag and drop to quickly create multiple scenes - drop your photos and videos in from other apps!


Versione 1.5.0

Fix for HEIF Compression on iOS 14
Other updates and fixes

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