The outstanding hybrid synth for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch!

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Grain Science is a beautiful synthesiser for iOS. Designed for musicians, soundscape artists and SFX engineers who want to go beyond our Sylo Synthesiser, Grain Science is built on similar principles of granular synthesis, but is vastly more powerful. Unlike many “experimental” granular apps, Grain Science mixes it up with traditional synthesis techniques to bring you an exciting hybrid synthesiser.

Use the built-in waveforms, or record or import your own — then use the sophisticated grain engine to create something completely new from them! Grain Science is easy to get to grips with, but offers lots of depth to explore: instead of offering one or two LFOs, almost any parameter in the system can be programmed to vary over time in complex ways.

Using careful optimisation techniques we provide two grain units per voice, which you can combine for morphing or complex modulated sounds, then send through a configurable FX chain. Pick any 4 from the collection of FX units (including various types of distortion, high- and low-pass filters, phaser, flanger, chorus, resonance and echo), and connect them up in any order. Other audio tweaks include soft loop, reverb, glide and supercharger controls, and the ability to affect granular synthesis in realtime (live grainbending).

Also featured are an arpeggiator with both chord and step-sequence modes; Core MIDI support, including Virtual MIDI, background audio, and “tap & twist” learning for setting up controls; and a customisable performance screen with a collection of XY Pads and wheels.

Rounding it off, Grain Science plays nicely with others: Dropbox, Twitter and email integration are all included, for sharing or exporting your waveforms, recordings of your performances, and instrument (patch) designs. And now featuring Audiobus support to stream your performance live to other compatible apps!

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Versione 1.6.12

• Updated for new device screen sizes
• Additional fixes

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3.7 su 5
3 valutazioni

3 valutazioni

Clashey ,

dropbox error 400 fixed!

As title ... all Dropbox error fixed thank you guys!
Can I ask to add a pre listen function before loading from cloud? It would be great

Previous message :

Hello guys,
Your app is really cool but now there’s a problem with dbox
I’m trying to connect to my dbox folder but an error appears :
Error 400
Please fix it !

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Apologies for the inconvenience, Dropbox have discontinued the API used by Grain Science to connect to your account. We're currently working on an update to replace this with general file service support (including Dropbox and other compatible service providers, providing their apps are installed on your device).

moskycat ,


Faccio elettronica dal '74 e ho posseduto e possiedo ottimi
sinth hardware, vcs3 compreso.
Se penso a cosa costa e che con otto
euro ho questa app... beh, provo
un po' di smarrimento.
Ormai nel mio telefono(!) con meno
di 100 euro ho un set di macchine
notevoli. Con il midi sparisce anche il
problema della piccolezza dell'iphone.
Grain non é troppo immediato ma
permette di raggiungere sonoritá davvero inaspettate.
Ottimo é poco. Con quel prezzo non viene nemmeno un jack decente...

ASongwiter ,

It crash in iOS 11. Almost UNUSABLE for serious purpose.

Great sound and sound engine but I give 1 star because with iOS 11 it crashed everytime when I try to edit an OLD sound or create a new sound.
Almost UNUSABLE for serious purpose.
It costs 10 euro, FIX the error please... Thanks!


Wooji Juice Ltd
13 MB

Richiede iOS 9.3 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



Classificazione: 4+
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