"It’s a really useful app that I think I’ll be using a lot, especially now that I’m on a lot more video calls…" — Jay Peters, The Verge

Mirror, Mirror on the Hand, Who’s the Fairest App of Them All? — This one. This one is.

Hand Mirror is a super simple app that lives in your Menu Bar (little cozy top right corner of your Mac) and gives you a one-click access camera check!

‣ Need to jump on a video call? Quick camera check.
‣ Need to quickly check your surroundings? Quick camera check.
‣ Need a view of your camera for when you're streaming or recording your screen? Quick camera check and drag the window around.
‣ Need to check your face because you're gorgeous? Quick camera check.


Here's what some really nice people said about this little app:

“One of my favorite apps of all time.”
‣ Sara Soueidan

“It is so good!”
‣ Dieter Bohn

“Every remote worker needs this Mac app - quick check yo'self camera reviews before you jump on that Zoom call!”
‣ James Doman-Pipe

"Mac users, Hand Mirror by @rafahari is by far the best way to check your video's look before jumping on a Zoom call. Worth every penny. Which is none. It's free."
‣ Keith Monaghan

“Still crashes on launch!”
‣ Tim Van Damme


This app does not record, collect, or send your data anywhere — for three reasons:
1. There's absolutely no need, it's just a feed of your own web camera.
2. I wouldn't do that, that's just creepy.
3. And most importantly: I don't even have the programming skills to do that. Seriously, but thanks for thinking that I did!


Versione 1.5

Mirror, Mirror on the Hand, Who’s the Fairest App Update of Them All?
"This one maybe? I don't know", here's what's new:

‣ Custom Keyboard Shortcut: You can now set your own custom keyboard shortcut, I went with "⇧⌥⌃⌘HANDMIRO" just because that's how my hand naturally rests on the keyboard.
‣ Right-click on the icon to trigger the popup menu: no need to open the camera view to access options or to switch inputs.
‣ Bug fixes (I hope): There's this pesky bug that would start the camera in the background, I'm calling that bug "Steven", but I couldn't reliably reproduce it. So just like any other bug infestation, I decided to burn the house down and build another one just to be sure (or refactor all of the code). I hope this fixes it but please let me know if it still happens to you!

("Steve", if you're reading this, I will find you, and I will squish you).

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,9 su 5
7 valutazioni

7 valutazioni

micser ,


Ottima App. Fa quello per la quale è stata creata. rispetto ad altre a pagamento merita 5 stelle.

framasala_ ,


comoda e versatile, 5 stelle meritate

s1m0n3m4rr4 ,


Tanto geniale quanto semplice!

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