Inspired by the layer concept of Photoshop, iBlend is the only app that lets you blend an unlimited number of photo layers, text layers and drawing layers together to create amazing pictures.
Create projects with the resolutions you want, add as many photo layers, text layers and drawing layers as you want, blend them together with 18 different blending modes, and compose your own artistic pictures.
Whether you're an experienced iPhone/iPad artist or a creative user looking to doodle, iBlend is for you!

Special features:
- Create projects with the resolutions you want. Projects are automatically saved and can be re-opened and edited later on.
- Unlimited number of layers per project; add as many photo layers, text layers and drawing layers as you want to create your new picture, there is absolutely not limitation.
- 18 different blending modes to blend the layers together and create astonishing effects (color dodge, color burn, multiply, luminosity, darken, lighten, soft light, overlay…)
- Reorganize the order of the layers of a project, delete them in necessary
- Edit the layers:
+ adjust the layers on the project canvas with the classic gestures (dimensions, rotation and position)
+ change the layers background color, crop them, mirror them and correct their brightness and contrast
- Precise and adjustable brush for the drawing layers
- More than 150 different fonts available to create the text layers and more to come with future iOS releases
- Import photos from your library, snap new ones with the iDevice camera, or use the embedded samples to create the photo layers
- Define your very own color for the layer background, brushes and texts, with full support for transparency
- Your creations are saved at the highest resolution possible for your device
- Share your masterpieces by email, save them, print them out, publish them on social networks
- Complete tutorial to find out how to use all the features of the app; check it out to exploit all the power of iBlend
- Universal app: iBlend works on the iPhone and iPad

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Versione 1.8

Brand new app with many new features and improvements.
Minor bug fixes with the Dark Mode

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