Take picture on multiple phone with one click from your phone or Apple Watch. Set up several devices around your motive and get a picture from different angles at the same time.

Ever wanted to take a «selfie» and not show your arm in the picture ? Ever been at a party and wanted to join the group picture without having to set a timer on you camera an run into place ? Ever been on a hike and wanted to take a picture of you and your friend where both were in the picture. You can even put the cameradevice on a cliff and take the picture from there after you safely climed down.
What about setting up a line of devices and set a different delay on each of them ? Only your imagination is the limit

Then this is the app for you, remote control your camera and take the picture when you are ready from up to 50 meters away.

It is also possible to se a preview of the photo on the remote controlling device. And you can use your iPad as remote control or camera

Using iBeacon technology this is now possible. No pairing of your devices and low power consumption with BLE (Bluetooth low energy) . Just install the app on you phone and on another iPhone ie. a friends phone and you can use it to either take pictures or control the other device.

Requires iPhone 4s or newer, iPod touch 5th Gen, iPad mini or iPad third generation
And remember that you need the app on two devices to enjoy it to the fullest


Versione 1.2.5

Thank you so much for you patience and for using our app. There is quite a few users using our app. Even though there has been some bad reviews in the app store. This is what we now hope to fix. We are going to follow up every question and update the app, until everyone get it to work. Because we think it is very fun.
* Finally updated the app for newer versions and bigger phones
* Hopefully better intro description
* Tools for getting info about crashes. And where there might be problems
* Bugfixes
* A small none intrusive ad that might help us finance further developing.

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