More features than any other dictionary app available!
And the most "connected" dictionary app on iOS -plays nice with more third-party dictionaries and apps than anyone else.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (5th Edition)
- For Advanced Learners (LDOCE5) ©

Longman's flagship learner’s dictionary, is now available as an iOS application. Improve your fluency in English with the most up-to-date learner's dictionary at your fingertips.

Now with integrated Thesaurus and Collocations Dictionary.

Dictionary details:
● 230,000 words, phrases and meanings - more than any other learner's dictionary
● 165,000 examples based on real, natural English from the Longman Corpus Network show how English is really used
● 10,000 encyclopedic entries -people and places.
● Clear definitions written using only 2,000 common words.
● Most frequent 3,000 words in spoken & written English, highlighted to show which are the most important to know
● Register Notes focus on the differences between spoken and written English.
● The Academic Word List is highlighted to help you improve your essays and presentations.
● Grammar and warning notes ensure that you avoid the most common errors.
● Integrated Collocations Dictionary. Over 80,000 collocations will improve your fluency.
● Integrated Thesaurus. Over 20,000 synonyms, antonyms, and related words will improve your vocabulary range.

● 86,000 pronunciation files —all headwords in both UK & US accents.
● another 86,000 recorded example sentences (via external links due to size)
Over 20GB of audio online!

Making this the largest resource of English available on ANY mobile platform!


Application Features:
● full contents of the print dictionary
- PLUS additional collocations, synonyms & word histories
● complete front matter and additional resources
● unique three-way cross-referencing search
● real-time progressing look-up
● wildcard pattern searches -with * ?
● spelling suggestion dictionary included
● hyperlinking directly to meanings & appendices
● search on idioms and phrasal verbs
● search on synonym and "sign-post" meanings
● support for search from other applications
● OS-independent app localization
● Bookmarks with folders and editable notations
● Bookmark syncing across devices via iCloud
● automatic history listing
● DarkMode support
● complete offline use (except for sentence sounds)
● "Today" widget for finding new words
● "Share" extension​ to search inside other apps.
● Supports iOS 8 through to iOS 13

The ultimate learner's resource of the English language for use anywhere and anytime.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Fifth Edition (LDOCE5)
© Pearson Education Limited 2009, 2011


Versione 9.5

Adds a setting for high-quality sound downloads for example sentences. (The default is off. Previously it was on.)
Leaving it off will speed up download times for mobile WiFi and non-broadband users.
(Even setting it on, downloads over 3G will still be the smaller size -just as before.)

Valutazioni e recensioni

3.7 su 5
3 valutazioni

3 valutazioni

Carlos_84 ,

Il miglior dizionari monolingue

Costantemente aggiornato, completo, utile, comodo e INDISPENSABILE!
Unica critica è che ti permette di cercare intere espressioni idiomatiche ma non ti permette una ricerca a tutto testo, intendo dire anche tra gli esempi!

ferdezotti ,


Great one but I wish the others from them that I have almost all words as this one.

VeryPrivateGentleman ,

La adoro

Fantastica, pronuncia us e uk anche delle frasi di esempio, sinonimi e contrari principali, mancano rarissime parole slang reperibili su urbandictionary!


Enfour, Inc.
1.2 GB

Richiede iOS 8.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Italiano, Arabo, Bosniaco, Catalano, Cinese Semplificato, Cinese Tradizionale, Coreano, Curdo, Danese, Ebraico, Finlandese, Francese, Giapponese, Hindi, Indonesiano, Inglese, Irlandese, Lituano, Malese, Olandese, Persiano, Polacco, Portoghese, Russo, Sloveno, Spagnolo, Svedese, Tagalog, Tedesco, Thai, Turco, Ungherese, Vietnamita

Rara/Moderata dissacrazione e humour nero
31,99 €
Acquisti in-app
  1. Example sentence search activation
  2. Example Sounds download activation 1,09 €
  3. Longman Activator Thesaurus 8,99 €


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