Download, listen, watch and enjoy your favorite podcasts.

• Subscribe to your favorite podcasts in the app and manage them in the app
• Download episodes over WiFi or Cellular (on devices that have cellular).
• Support for Password Protected feeds
• Background Refresh
• Download in the background
• Sync subscriptions, episode playback positions and playlists between your devices with iCloud
• Universal App (iPhone/iPad)
• Search in all views to find that podcast or episode you are looking for
• Custom playlists with filtering options by podcast, episodes and more.
• Support for continuous playback (toggle it on now playing screen just below time elapsed).
• All device orientations supported with configurable option in the settings
• You can unsubscribe to podcasts and still have them on your device. Use that for those less than stellar podcasts!

• Variable playback speed
• Playback speed remembered per podcast
• Support for podcasts with chapters and chapter images (MP3 and M4A)
• Use your headset controls including Bluetooth car controls (when paired) to play/pause, jump forward or back 30 seconds
• Sleep timer
• Beautifully rendered show notes
• Onscreen controls for skipping ahead and skipping back
• Gesture Support on the now playing screen (when the podcast logo is showing) to aid in hands free use
• Double-tap to play/pause
• Swipe up to toggle playback speed
• Swipe left/right to rewind/fast-forward
• Home of the L gesture for the 2 minute Leo jump.
• See Settings and Gestures for more and for customizing rewind/fast-forward gestures
• Support for AirPlay, watch or listen to those podcasts on your big screen
• Support for external display of videos for devices that support an external display (get the Apple HDMI adapter)
• Watch or listen to your favorite podcasts with a familiar layout

• Find your podcasts by title, keyword or by author
• Browse the top podcasts by category
• Manually add podcasts with a URL
• Support for Password Protected feeds
• Option to download a single episode
• Browse the web in the app to find podcasts to add. Browser will prompt if you tap a link that is podcast feed.
• Import Podcast subscriptions for episodes that are already in your device from iTunes
• Import your OPML file from iTunes or other iOS podcast app
• Import media by using iTunes File Sharing feature
• Add your existing audiobooks (non-password protected ones) using iTunes File Sharing feature
• Add previously downloaded podcasts from your computer using iTunes file sharing feature (see settings and import media for details).

• Completely customizable to meet your podcasts needs.
• Swipe across a podcast or episode to access additional options
• Podcast settings allow you to set the days the podcast typically comes out or the number of days between.
• Specify the number of episodes to download when new ones are available
• Share the podcast information via email with your friends

Email: tap Help tab and tap Email Support
Twitter: @Joeisanerd

PLEASE NOTE: The app does NOT sync with iTunes. Like other podcast apps it is standalone app meant to subscribe and download on the device.

* If a feed doesn't work, then let me know so I can take a look at it

Requires iOS 12.1 or higher.


Versione 6.2.3

+Bug fix for playlist play order setting within a custom playlist
+Bug fix for stream now not switching to the selected podcast from current playlist.
+Bug fix for Play Order setting within a custom playlist not working
+Keywords for playlist is now sorted alphabetically
+Bug fix for iCloud Sync podcast sync crash

+Bug fix for streaming constantly having to stop after about 10 seconds.
+Bug fix for resetting back to start position for video playback using the slider.

+Bug fix for importing media from other apps as well as OPML files
+Potential bug fix for streaming playback.

+New year filter option within a podcast. If a podcast doesn't have seasons, then the option to filter by year will be available.
+Easily import a media file into an episode that isn't already downloaded. Swipe left on an option, tap More, select Import from File App. Select the media file and it will be downloaded to the app and associated with that episode.
+You can now share all items in the downloaded area of the downloads tab. Go there and tap edit, then tap the share icon in the upper left. Initially that selects all. This will allow for taking action like saving to the files app and later importing on another device.
+Added option when in edit mode on podcasts tab to refresh those showing podcasts
+Option added within a podcast to set selected episodes season if even the podcast didn't already have seasons.
+Updated UISearchBar to fix navigation bar issue
+Bug fix for the "select podcasts for playlist" search bar
+Bug fix for images not updating when a refresh occurs
+Bug fix to prevent really large images downloading that could cause a crash
+Bug fix for the app crashing when receiving transferred files (Airdrop or otherwise)

View the Help tab, What's New to view past updates for 6.0 and up

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Valutazioni e recensioni

5.0 su 5
6 valutazioni

6 valutazioni

Kiavo ,

la migliore. stop.

le ho provate tutte prima di scegliere la mia preferita. la mia scelta è iCatcher. senza ombra di dubbio la più completa, intelligente e personalizzabile.

beninfa ,

Bella app - Consigliata!

Pensavo che instacast prima e Downcast dopo fossero già il massimo per muoversi all'interno del mondo del podcast. Mi sbagliavo iCather! va ben oltre: bella interfaccia grafica, ottima sincronizzazione e sopratutto app universale, il tutto ad un costo irrisorio. Consigliata!

Waimeavalley ,


Ottimo lettore di Podcast. Dieci volte meglio dell'applicazione Apple specifica per i podcast. Pratico, veloce e funzionale. Facile abbonarsi ai vari rss e podcast, permette di vedere anche i podcast video. Inoltre se un podcast è formato da titoli e sottotitoli permette di vederli e scegliere quello che interessa. Unica nota è per me l'impossibilità dell'app di gestire i file EPUB. Ho un abbonamento podcast in ePub e non mi scarica il formato. Aspetto che aggiungano anche questo formato per le 5 stelle.


Joe Graf
41.5 MB

Richiede iOS 12.1 e watchOS 4.2 o versione successiva. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



Rara/Moderata dissacrazione e humour nero
Accesso web senza restrizioni
3,49 €
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