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I veicoli "Mia Prima App" saranno un gran divertimento per i vostri bambini. Sono 3 programmi per i piccoli da 3 a 6 anni, per fare ridere e scoprire il mondo. Facile da utilizzare, non c'è ni publicità ni qualsiasi sotterfugio. Il programma è stato sviluppato da pedagoghi, designato da artisti rinomati e animato con gran amore.

*** My First App Vehicles is truly a great app. Very simple and easy to use interface with 3 game modes including 1 that utilizes the accelerometer and is tons of fun ***

*** Amusing, Imaginative Kids’ First Vehicles App … The original artwork and animations are great, having a whimsical and pleasing quality that allowed my imagination to kick into overdrive as I became engaged in the 3 activities that this application offers; mind you this iOS Universal game app was designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers. …***

***… is a very nice puzzle app for preschoolers with a lovely visual style and a great amount of content. …
Three different styled puzzles are included, and I think it is interesting that a selection of eight vehicles is chosen for the jigsaw and matching style activities, and a different selection of vehicles is used for the tilt-style game – an activity that I have not seen a lot of in applications. … The choices of vehicles are delightful, colorful and simply a lot of fun, such as a 1960’s Hippy-style bus, royal horse-drawn cart or alien space ship, along with traditional choices like police and fire vehicles. I appreciate the subtle textures used here, as many backgrounds have a lined pattern found in expensive decorative paper – a nice touch. …***

*** My First App Vehicles features whimsical graphics and plenty of colorful vehicles... great for younger players... ***

***… i am constantly on the hunt for apps that are nicely designed and stimulating. it comes as no surprise that my first app vehicles is designed in germany with delightfully quirky illustrations and a simple design.***

***... an app for young children that will test and hone their visual skills through the puzzle, matching, and pinball sub-games. The colorful illustrations, bonus animations, and three sub games all boost the replayability of the app. ... The colorful pictures and bonus animations for getting the game right will surely be a hit with the children! ***

Three great games are featuring lots of vehicles (police car, truck, horse carriage, loader... ) in awesome pictures. No language skills are required. Navigate the app by selecting symbols – even preschool children can play without help.

Choose your favorite vehicle. Choose the level of difficulty that is right for you. The default setting is 4 pieces – in our opinion, this is ideal for preschool aged children. Drag the puzzle pieces with your finger and rotate them with two fingers.

Turning Game:
Which two pieces go together? Build your vehicle by matching the front and back. Can you find the match? Turn the pages, find a match and watch your vehicle move!

Choose your favorite vehicle.
Hold your iPhone in your hand and move it carefully. Watch the ball as you direct it into one of the holes.

Special Features:
No advertising, no links, no hidden programs
Designed for preschool children.
Full of fun animations and surprises.
Easy to navigate by using symbols.
Sound settings can be turned on or off.

Disclosures for Parents
We take your kids privacy and safety serious.
This app includes
* no links
* no ads
* no tracking funktions
* no share functions
- For detailed information on our privacy policy, visit


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